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Black Sails Preview: 5 People Who May Be Losing Their Grip In “XXXII”

Published on February 18th, 2017 | Updated on February 20th, 2017 | By FanFest

Even the wind doesn’t shift as often as the power strongholds on Nassau do this season. An entirely different crew of people were running things at the end of episode 403 than were at the beginning. Changes like that don’t come without consequences, and those in power may find it difficult to hold onto their new influence. In preparation for episode 404, “XXXII,” here are five people who might be losing their grip on their power.

1) Captain Flint. After Silver’s presumed drowning and Billy’s mutiny, Flint has been left in charge of his remaining men. Some of them are loyal crewmembers, while others are uncertain of their new leader’s chances of success. Now that Silver is back, along with his ever-growing legend, can Flint hold onto his role as co-leader of the Resistance?

2) Jack Rackham. Jack undoubtedly came out at the losing end in the last episode. Forced to watch his Captain keelhauled and subsequently shot by Governor Rogers, Jack is now a prisoner on his own ship along with the surviving crew. As Blackbeard’s first mate, Jack is now in charge of the pirates. Can he take ownership of his role enough to save Anne and his men? Or will he fall victim to Rogers’ cruel torture tactics?

3) Governor Woodes Rogers. There’s a whole lot going on with the Governor, and none of it is good. He lied to Eleanor to keep her from sailing to Philadelphia, and then secretly led a crew of bloodthirsty mercenaries into laying a deadly trap for Blackbeard. Unfortunately for him, news of Barringer’s murder at the hands of Israel Hand has reached the ship. Can Rogers keep control of his crew long enough to retain his hold on the captured pirates? Or will the desire for revenge break apart his chances of success?

4) She was hauled in front of the Council for treason last episode. A furious Eleanor was able to intervene, but not enough to fully resolve the situation. Without the Governor around to help, Max’s future was left unclear. Now that Barringer himself isn’t around, it’s even murkier. If she is convicted of treason, her network of spies, including Eleanor, could go down with her.

5) Billy. He showed back up in spectacular fashion at the end of last episode, arriving just in time to save Flint and Silver from the pointy ends of British swords. But why did Billy save the day? Even if he’s still out to usurp Flint, there’s no question that Billy has untapped power among the pirates. After all, he’s single-handedly responsible for creating the legend of Long John Silver. That kind of influence won’t go unnoticed, or undesired, by others for long.

Episode 404, “XXXII,” premieres Sunday February 19th at 9 pm eastern/ 8 pm central on Starz. Subscribers can also watch full episodes online or on the Starz mobile app. Check back to for episode previews, sneak peeks, and recaps.

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