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Black Sails Preview: 5 People Who May Be Broken Beyond Repair in “XXXVI”

Published on March 16th, 2017 | Updated on March 16th, 2017 | By FanFest

Just three episodes remain before the series finale. There are tons of storylines to be wrapped up, but it’s pretty clear that not everyone is going to get a happy ending. After all, there are some wounds that even time cannot heal. Here are 5 people who just may be broken beyond repair.

1) Anne Bonny. She’s Jack’s constant companion, but she’s always managed to stand on her own until now. She suffered a brutal beating by Rogers’ crew and has been lying in a hammock near death since. Jack has been tending to her as best he can and even found a doctor in Philadelphia. What’s been left untreated are the emotional wounds. In addition to still reeling from Blackbeard’s death, Anne also has to cope with Max being onboard The Walrus. They’ve avoided speaking more than a few words to each other so far, but that silence can’t last forever on a boat that size. Can the relationship be salvaged, or is Anne’s heart damaged beyond forgiveness?

2) Max. She’s going through a very similar situation as Anne. She’s lost Eleanor, who was way more to her than just her best chance for success, and she’s also trying to work through her broken relationship with Anne. Max wants to make things right, but that’ll be hard to do through a closed door. She is on speaking terms with Jack out of necessity. Will that connection help her reach Anne again?

3) Billy Bones. No one can cheat death like Billy. He’s been stabbed, shot, thrown off the bow of a ship in the dead of night, and beaten to within an inch of his life, and yet he’s still strolling around New Providence Island ruining everyone’s plans. In his defense though, everyone else is going around ruining his plans. Billy wanted the Rebellion to succeed, but he’s met betrayal and mistrust at every turn. Now he’s partnered with Rogers and sold out Flint and Silver. Billy’s motives for his actions are always unclear until the very end. Is he truly switching sides of the war, or is this yet another master scheme?

4) John Silver. It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions for Silver this season, and the last two episodes have had the biggest drops. He lost the love of his life without being able to say good-bye. Then, just as he has started to work through his grief, he finds out that Madi is still alive. Now he’s at odds with Flint over how to get her back. Silver is ready to trade the cache and whatever else it takes to get her back, and he’s not prepared to trust Flint’s assurances that it won’t be necessary. If Madi isn’t rescued in time, Silver may never be the same.

5) Governor Rogers. As evil as the man is, he had enough humanity left to truly love Eleanor. He’s indirectly responsible for her and their unborn child’s death and that fact is tearing him apart.  He hasn’t had time to truly process his grief, as the war keeps interrupting his brief moments of solitude. Rogers is the Captain of unexpected moves, and his actions in his current emotional state are even less likely to be rational. The question is, is there anyone left who can stop him?

Episode 408, “XXXVI,” premieres Sunday March 19th at 9 pm eastern/ 8 pm central on Starz. Subscribers can also watch full episodes online or on the Starz mobile app. Check back to for episode previews, sneak peeks, and recaps.

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