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Black Lightning: The Showrunner Had Stories Planned For TWO More Seasons!? Holy Moly!

Published on May 30th, 2021 | Updated on May 30th, 2021 | By FanFest

Black Lightning ended last week after four seasons. Fans who are sad about the show ending might be even heartbroken at this newest news. The showrunner had stories planned for TWO more seasons! That would have been two more years of Black Lightning.

For some time we thought we’d be okay. We were getting a Black Lightning spin-off, after all. Unfortunately, The CW decided to not send Painkiller to series, which means we won’t be getting that spin-off after all.

Salim Akil told Deadline recently that he had stories set up for seasons 5 and 6. He knew the series was ending at four, but claims he always plans ahead. That’s an admirable trait to have. Coming up with stories for your show that you know is not coming back must be difficult.

“We’ve always had ideas for a Season 5, or a Season 6,” Akil said. “We’ve always had places that we want to go. I always plan like that. I never wait; I’m always thinking about the next season. So, we could have gone on to a Season 5. We’ve had so many stories to tell because there’s so many stories out there. Particularly [with] what’s going on in the African-American community now, and the Asian community now, we had stories to tell, and not just political stories. Stories about love, about negotiating relationships, about negotiating yourself and the powers that you have in the world. What do your powers mean to you? Are you so attached to your powers that if you didn’t have your powers, in some way, you’d feel less than? I can go on and on.”

He also said that with Tobias Whale dead, the series could have gone on the explore other villains. He specifically mentioned he liked the idea of a “black joker”. That sounds pretty wild, not going to lie.

“Of course,” Akil said. “I love The Joker. That would be cool, to have a Black Joker.”

Sure, The CW passed on Painkiller but this might not be the end for good. The series is going to be shown to other places in the hopes of finding it a home. One likely place it could find a home is HBO Max. Even if not, Akil has other spin-offs he is interested to explore.

“I think that if there was a possibility, the possibility would land in Thunder and Grace and Lightning,” Akil said. “I think that that could be a wonderful show. People would be familiar with the characters, be familiar with their backstory. They would be familiar with their wants, their needs, and their goals. I think that that trio of women are just very dynamic and talented, so I could see something like that, for sure.”

The showrunner had stories planned for two more seasons, so hopefully, he gets to tell some of them somewhere.


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