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‘Black Lightning’ Recap ‘The Resurrection and The Light: The Book of Pain’

Something I highly enjoyed this week was for sure the Tobias Whale and Black Lightning interaction. I mean don’t get me wrong, I am a fan of all these mysterious side villains that they have going on, but this was a standoff I have been waiting for since the first episode!

'Black Lightning' Recap 'The Resurrection and The Light: The Book of Pain'
Image: The CW

‘The Resurrection and The Light: The Book of Pain’ opens with Tobias recovering from his wounds after his last fight with Black Lightning. He then meets with Martin Proctor, who offers up Lady Eve’s position to Tobias. Martin explains that the ASA accidentally created kids metahumans and the serum they created led to them dying before they could become fully operational. Green Light was an alternative method, but it failed also. He then asks Tobias to bring him Black Lightning alive, so that they can study how they can perfect the experiment using him. Martin then reveals his help, Khalil who has recovered from his injuries. He then heads out with Khalil and his assistant Syonide and meets with a man named Dwayne. He thanks Dwayne for saving him from Black Lightning, but criticizes him for letting Tori die. He and Syonide collectively kill him.

Jefferson heads to work and sees Khalil out and walking. He tries to convince Khalil back to school, which Khalil declines. He then refuses to tell Jefferson how he was able to suddenly start walking again. Jefferson and Anissa both go meet with Gambi who believes that Khalil’s surgery was performed by the ASA. They decide to collectively go after Proctor together. Jefferson meets with Khalil’s mom, who mentions a man named Martin came to her and offered to help Khalil with the surgery. After their discussion, he heads home and meets with Jennifer. He talks to her about how he saw Khalil and how he is now walking. He then tells her to stay away from him, staying he is involved with bad people. Jennifer informs Jefferson that she and Lynn are working on a way to reverse Jennifer’s meta gene – which causes a confrontation between Jefferson and Lynn.

'Black Lightning' Recap 'The Resurrection and The Light: The Book of Pain'
Image: The CW

Tobias meets with Khalil and explains that they way to track down Black Lightning is to lure him out to Garfield High – the crown jewel of Garfield High. Tobias tells Khalil that if he doesn’t do as he asks and help with take down Black Lightning and infiltrate Garfield, he will rip out Khalil’s spinal implant. Elsewhere, Lala meets with two armed gunman and continues to talk about his drug moving operations. He then gets a call from a mysterious voice that states ‘the devil deals the cards’ – which has him shaken. Jennifer meets with Lynn and asks her for an update on the gene therapy – to which Lynn does not have an answer for her just yet.

While meeting with Gambi, Anissa and Jennifer hear radio chatter about a call at Garfield high school. They head out to the school. Before they arrive, Khalil attacks a few students and a teacher with superpowered wrist gauntlets. Jennifer tries to stop him, but he doesn’t listen. Jefferson and Anissa arrive on scene and split up, since Gambi cannot access the schools cameras. Finally Jefferson and Tobias have their face-off. After a brief fist fight between the two, Khalil intervenes and shoots Jefferson with one of his darts. Tobias moves to take Jefferson’s pulse and realizes to his horror that he is dead. Just as Tobias is about to unmask Jefferson, Anissa arrives on scene and chases them off. Jennifer attempts to wake-up Jefferson, but he does not. She gets emotional which triggers her charging powers to come to live and revive Jefferson. The three of them leave together.

In closing, Vice principal Kara meets with Martin Proctor. He asks her if Black Lighting really died, and asks her to bring the body to him. Syonide brings Lala to Tobias, and Tobias offers Lala a spot on his team. Lala accepts.



Thoughts and Opinions

It was definitely about time these two faced off again! Also, I am hoping that Jefferson’s near death experience convinces Jennifer to want to keep her powers. After all, without her Jefferson would have truly been dead. Anissa is by far one of the most kick-ass heroes on the CW. If a robber ever breaks into my house – I would love to have her backing me up!


Black Lightning returns next week for the Season Finale.