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‘Black Lightning’ Recap ‘The Book of Little Black Lies’

Published on March 20th, 2018 | Updated on March 20th, 2018 | By FanFest

This week, the truth finally came out. While Jefferson fights to clear Black Lightning’s name, he also finds himself in a bind at home when Anissa tells Jennifer the truth about herself and Jefferson’s powers.

‘The Book of Little Black Lies’ kicks off with Jefferson training in his basement. He recalls his last conversation with Gambi, and is still extremely upset about it. He then calls Inspector Henderson, and tries to convince him that he was definitely framed. He then asks the Detective why the cop who came out destroyed the weapon that was used in Lady Eve’s murder. Henderson states that if there is a dirty cop in his department, he will find out who it is.

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Detective Henderson says that he is going to take a few vacation days to investigate. He then asks Jefferson is something happens to him, that he makes sure his family is taken care of.

At the Pierce house, Anissa walks into Jennifer’s room and tells her not to feel alone – and that Jennifer has powers just like her and Jefferson. When Jennifer doesn’t believe her, Anissa uses her powers to lift Jennifer’s bed off of the ground. She then also tells Jennifer that Jefferson is Black Lightning. Jennifer, confused and frightened, runs downstairs and confronts Jefferson about it – asking him for the truth.

After learning that Jefferson really was Black Lightning, Jennifer ran back upstairs upset. Jefferson and Lynn confront Anissa, telling her it wasn’t her place to tell Jennifer the truth when there were hundreds of people out to get Black Lightning. Anissa apologized, stating she thought she was doing the right thing. While Jefferson and Anissa plan out how to track down the history and source of the Green Light distribution, and the information that Jefferson’s father gathered on it, Lynn walks upstairs to talk to Jennifer and comfort her.

Jeffferson and Anissa head to the courthouse to examine some more documents. They discover a company called Bends Corps and that they attempted to make multiple payments to Jefferson’s father as a bribe for something.

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Elsewhere, a man in a parking garage walks to his car. After getting in, Gambi sits up in the backseat and stabs the man in the neck with a syringe, loaded with Black Mamba venom. Gambi asks for the name of the person who made the electric guns to frame Black Lightning, in exchange for the anti-venom cure.

Anissa and Jefferson visit a representative from the Bends Corps company, donning the masks of former Presidents to conceal their identities. They then interrogate the lawyer to gather more information about the corporation was really about.

At home, Anissa and Jennifer talk about their powers. Anissa confesses that she was terrified when she first found out she had super strength, but now she embraces it. Jennifer then tells Anissa about an online community she discovered, who have become fans of Thunder.

Gambi hacks into the network of a man named Cory, who supplied the weapons to kill Lady Eve. He tells Cory that if he gives up the supplier, he will leave him alone and not pursue him any further.

Elsewhere, Inspector Henderson tracks down a dirty cop meeting with a few criminals in the hallway – in the middle of a gun exchange. He snaps a few photos, before moving away.

Gambi heads to the location where the guns were supposedly made. Using a small drone to spy on the place, he discovers some bodies being kept in chambers. Gambi stumbles upon a body that he recognizes, which leads us to a flashback sequence. We see a younger Gambi watching a young boy playing basketball, before calling his boss and saying ‘I found another one.’

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Gambi heads back to his tailor shop, where Anissa is waiting. Gambi confesses the truth to Anissa, telling her that he used to work for a company called ASA who would track down people with enhanced abilities. He then continues to tell her that he found the lab where the weapons were made, and he found a body of a young kid there that he recognized. He tells Anissa no matter what happens between Jefferson and him, he will never stop caring for the Pierce family. He then hands Anissa her new suit.

Anissa heads out to meet Jefferson, and tells him that he should work on trusting Gambi once again – and that he really cares and above all, they need him.

At home, Jennifer confides in Lynn. She begins crying, saying she is worried that she will be seen as a freak, and she will forever be alone. She then asks Lynn if Jefferson being Black Lightning was the reason for their divorce, to which Lynn tells her the truth.

Jefferson and Anissa stake out the location where the deal is going to be made. They spot Martin Proctor, who announces that he is moving the location of the deal. As they move to follow him, Jefferson gets a call from Detective Henderson. Henderson tells Jefferson about the gun exchange he witnessed. He and Jefferson agree to converge at the next location.

The arrive at the lab where the Green Light is being made, and together Jefferson and Anissa take out several of Proctor’s thugs. As Jefferson comes face to face with Martin Proctor and the doctor who helped make the Green Light. The power cuts out, and Martin Manages to escape. However, Detective Henderson arrives in time to arrest the doctor.

Jennifer and Anissa then blow the place up, and walk away from it.

At the Pierce house, the episode ends with Jennifer talking to Jefferson. He tells her he understands why she is upset with him, but he asks her to understand that he didn’t keep the secret out of malice… it was to protect her. After they apologize to each other, they end the night by watching The Princess and The Frog.


Black Lightning returns next week at 9PM/EST on The CW.



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