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‘Black Lightning’ Recap ‘Revelations’

Published on March 13th, 2018 | Updated on March 13th, 2018 | By FanFest

Well, I guess you could say that after this weeks episode we finally got some insight on Gambi’s deep dark secret.

‘Revelations’ kicks off with Jefferson training Anissa at Gambi’s shop, while Freeland mourned the death of Lady Eve. All over the news, the locals blamed Black Lightning for her death and told him that he should go back to where he came from. During their training, Jefferson told Anissa that if she wants to be a hero then she has to ignore the racism, the bias news, and focus on the mission. She has to focus on eliminating the threat, and not make anything personal. Jefferson then tells her that her first official training mission is going to be helping him clear Black Lightnings name, and find out who killed Lady Eve.

Elsewhere, Lala arrived at his club and informed his thugs that he was very much alive.

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Gambi met with an ASA agent in a parking lot. The ASA agent tells Gambi that since Black Lightning murdered Lady Eve, he was therefore a threat and needed to be eliminated. Gambi states that it is possible that Black Lightning was framed, and not behind the murder at all. The ASA agent continues, saying that Lady Eve put Green Light on the streets faster than anyone else ever had and that Green Light was the future. Gambi states that they can’t murder Black Lightning, and that they need him to learn more about genetic mutation abilities. The agent drives off, stating that it is too late and the ASA is on the move.

Later that night, Lynn and Jefferson talk about Anissa’s training. Although Lynn is against it, Jefferson assures her that Anissa is ready and all she wants to do is make a difference.

Lynn brings Jennifer to her lab with her to help her clean up the mess following the break-in from the the intruders. Jennifer asks Lynn if she knows what is going on with Anissa and Jefferson and that they have been acting weird the past few days. Before Lynn can answer the question, she notices that some papers from the box that Anissa brought over are missing.

Jefferson and Anissa head to the morgue, to get a better look at Lady Eve’s body. Anissa uses her powers to break through the wall. Once they are inside, they manage to locate Lady Eve’s body along with the bodies of the two henchmen that she was with. Jefferson sends a photo to Gambi of Lady Eve’s body. Gambi states that the amount of burn and char on her body indicates that she could have only been killed by a weapon powered by nuclear energy or radiation. Jefferson mentions that Gambi could help them track it, and they should head back to his office.

At school, Jennifer hangs up posters with her friend. While they are decorating, some of the decorations and pieces of scaffolding began to fall. Suddenly, Jennifer displays a brief moment of electric based powers.

Jefferson and Anissa head to Gambi’s shop, where they talk about radiation. Jefferson asks Anissa if she knows what her weaknesses are, to which she doesn’t respond. Jefferson states that one should always be aware of their weaknesses. Gambi gets a ping of radiation off of a satellite that he has access to. Gambi tells the pair that they shouldn’t go out without being Black Lightning and Thunder, and volunteers to go himself. They ignore his request, and head out on their own. Once they arrive at the location that Gambi pinged, they found the source of the radiation – it turned out to be the lightning gun that was used to murder Lady Eve. Next to it, is a body.

Lynn calls Jefferson and tells them that the powder that was in Jefferson’s father’s locker seemed to be a vaccination for Green Light. Jefferson tells her to go and see Gambi and that he will know what to do.

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After attending a memorial service for Lady Eve, Gambi meets Lynn back at his shop. Lynn starts to ask Gambi if he knows anything about the Green Light vaccination, to which Gambi responds that he does not. Lynn asks him whats going on, clearly suspecting something. She mentions that Gambi never talks about his life before he moved to Freeland. Jefferson then tells Lynn that he needs to talk to Jefferson.

Jefferson calls Detective Henderson and speaks to him as Black Lightning. He gives him the location of the body and tells him that if he matches the weapon radiation to the residue left on Lady Eve’s body, he will find a match.

At the Pierce house, Jennifer tries to access her powers once more. After a few attempts, she manages to use her electric based powers to burn the edges of her phone once more.

Back in the woods, Jefferson and Anissa steak out the location of the body to make sure that Detective Henderson finds it. While they talk, Jefferson notices a man in street clothes walking around. Jefferson states that something isn’t right, and Detective Henderson would have sent in actual officers to investigate first. Jefferson goes to approach him, but the man destroys the weapon and causes an explosion in the forest.

Jefferson and Anissa head home, and Jefferson tells the story of what happens in the woods to Lynn. He states how happy he is that Anissa was able to determine that the man was going to destroy the weapon, and therefore lead herself and Jefferson to safety. Instead of sharing in on the excitement, Lynn tells Jefferson that he needs to go and talk to Gambi.

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Jefferson heads to meet him, and Gambi tells Jefferson that it is time to tell him the truth. He reveals that his name is really Peter Espositio, and he first came to Freeland thirty years ago as an agent for the government branch called the ASA. Years ago, the government created a vaccination in order to make the people of Freeland more passive, creating a peace. Instead, it created metahumans. Once Gambi leanred the vaccine was killing children and not creating positive results, he leaked the news to Jefferson’s father – ultimately resulting in him getting killed.

He then tells Jefferson there is an agent named Martin Proctor who is hunting him. If Jefferson suits up as Black Lightning, and Anissa as Thunder, he will track them both down and kill them. Angered, Jefferson tells Gambi to leave his family alone.

At the Pierce house, Jennifer walks into Anissa’s room. When Anissa asks Jennifer what is wrong, Jennifer hands her the cell phone that she burned earlier using her powers. When Anissa asks what happened, Jennifer tells her sister that she burned her phone with her own hands.



Black Lightning will return next week at 9PM/EST on The CW.


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