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‘Black Lightning’ Recap ‘LaWanda: The Book of Burial’

Published on January 31st, 2018 | Updated on January 30th, 2018 | By FanFest

After this weeks episode, I can easily say that I find myself falling more and more in love with Black Lightning. So far, the show has kept up a pretty amazing pace and an incredible plot line. Essentially, it is carrying along with great promise and a prospectful future!

While Jefferson and his family attended a memorial service for LaWanda, Anissa headed to a junk yard where she attempted to once again channel her strength on a large piece of rubble. After multiple trials, she finally found her focus and managed to kick the boulder far across the yard; recording herself on her phone as she did so. Jefferson spoke with the preacher, Jeremiah and Inspector Henderson and the preacher continued to state that it was time the people stood up against the 100 and showed that united they couldn’t be broken. Preacher Jeremiah stated that the people used to call Jefferson ‘Black Jesus’, because he was almost a savior to everyone. Now, it seemed like all Jefferson cared about was his school. He asked Jefferson for his help, in winning their lives back so that people like LaWanda wouldn’t die for nothing.

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Jeremiah stated that it was Black Lightning who gave LaWanda hope to try and save her daughter. Even though she failed, she thought as the rest of the people of Freeland. With Black Lightning around, hope would once again return to Freeland. It wasn’t by random circumstance that Black Lightning returned after all these years, to the people of Freeland it was a sign that it was time to fight back.

Following his conversation with Jeremiah, Jefferson headed to Gambi’s, who had begun working on a new suit and gauntlets for Jefferson to help him properly channel his power.

Elsewhere, Tobias Whale met with Lady Eve and they had a discussion about Black Lightning. Lady Eve also informed Tobias that she received word that the people of Freeland had plans to take back the streets, and that was absolutely not allowed to happen under any circumstances.

Anissa sat in the library watching her recording of her testing out her powers when her friend Grace walked in. They bonded over a discussion over the book The Outsiders, and then it turned into Grace inviting Anissa to a cosplay party.

Inspector Henderson and Jefferson walked through the halls of the school, talking about the recent march that was about to take place. Inspector Henderson insisted that Jefferson try to get the march cancelled, but Jefferson said that it wasn’t going to happen because Jeremiah was claiming to now be inspired by Jefferson’s return.

At the Pierce house, Lynn once again expressed her disdain for Jefferson hitting the streets as Black Lightning once more as she was tired of worrying about him every night. During their discussion, Jennifer came down and joined her parents for dinner. Jennifer informed her parents that she was ready to take the next step in regards to her relationship with her boyfriend whom she was starting to get serious with.

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Following dinner, Jennifer and Anissa met up in Jennifer’s room. Jennifer asked Anissa to join her in on Jeremiah’s march. At first, Anissa refused but then eventually agreed.

At Jefferson’s school, Lynn told Jefferson that since he was going back to being Black Lightning that she felt like she should be more involved in their daughters lives. She suggested Jennifer moving in with her, to which Jefferson refused. Lynn, disappointed, left his office. Jefferson made to head out for the day, but he ran into Jennifer’s boyfriend Khalil where he presented him with a quite uncomfortable conversation in regards to his relationship with his daughter.

Elsewhere, Gambi set up a roadblock to reroute the march they believed Tobias was going to attack.

Anissa’s met with her friend Grace following the cosplay party and told her that her girlfriend asked for her apartment key back, ending their relationship. Grace stated that it was probably for the better, since Anissa has a lot going on in her life and she didn’t seem all that happy with her relationship.

At Gambi’s, Gambi briefed Jefferson on the suspected march route before Jefferson headed out as Black Lightning. Once out, he watched the march from the rooftops and immediately noticed that Anissa, Lynn and Jennifer had joined the march. After spotting the gunman, Jefferson jumped down to the ground and used his powers to shield the pedestrians in the march from the rapid gunfire.

After knocking out the gunman, Jefferson turned to face Jeremiah who began to sing Amazing Grace.

Tobias drove by the scene, and ordered his partner to kill Black Lightning. She fired her rifle, but instead hit the Reverend and Khalil instead; both of whom were immediately rushed to the hospital.

While Jennifer sits outside the ER awaiting the news, Lynn and Anissa began walking down the hallway. Lynn asked Anissa about her recent absences and down behavior, and told her she could tell her anything. Anissa blankets her worries, telling her mom that she and her girlfriend broke up and that had her down. Lynn stated that whenever Anissa wanted to tell the truth about what was really bothering her, she would listen.

After their discussion, Jennifer and Jefferson walked out of the ER. Jennifer stated that the bullet his Khalil in the spine, and he may never walk again. As the family came together in an embrace, the news reporter on the television stated that the civilian population were claiming Black Lightning to be a hero.



Black Lightning will return on Tuesday, February 6th at 9PM/EST.


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