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‘Black Lightning’ Recap ‘Black Jesus’

Published on February 7th, 2018 | Updated on February 7th, 2018 | By FanFest

As if Freeland had not seen enough terror in the streets, this weeks episode proved that this town is about to find themselves in a whirlwind of a storm – and Black Lightning is going to need to be savior that the city needs!

‘Black Jesus’ started off with Jefferson’s students rushing around in a panic, telling Jefferson that there was a boy in the boys bathroom who was scaring everyone and acting extremely freaked out. Jefferson ran in to see the student bent over and freaking out. When Jefferson asked him to calm down, he suddenly grew enraged and broke the urinal off the wall and threw it at Jefferson – forcing Jefferson to use his powers to stop the student. After knocking him out, he found drugs in his pocket.

Elsewhere Anissa spotted her students buying the same drugs, and ordered them to get in her car and get back to school. Jefferson headed to Gambi’s and informed him about the drug, which Gambi called ‘Green Light’. Jefferson stated that he would be hitting the streets later that night, to try and figure out who the head dealers were that were distributing the product. After suiting up as Black Lightning, he beat down a dealer to the point that the dealer gave up the address where the supplier lived.

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Lady Eve performed an autopsy on a body during her meeting with Tobias. She questioned his loyalty and stated that the only reason he was brought on and the reason why he got his name was because he was known for killing Black Lightning – which he failed to do so. She ordered him to make sure Black Lightning was off the streets for good this time. She then criticized how he screwed up before, shooting a preacher and a kid instead of the intended target. As Tobias left the room, the body Lady Eve was operating on opened its eyes.

Jefferson met with Bernard and his parents to talk about what happened in the bathroom. Bernard’s parents expressed their concern, saying that they feared he would be expelled. They asked Jefferson for a second chance. Jefferson ensured that was not the case, and he would do everything in his power to make sure Bernard could continue his education. Jefferson then asked where he got the drugs from, and he would ensure that nothing would happen to Bernard. He finally gave up the name of the dealer – Ronald Wright.
After Bernard left with his family, Jefferson called Gambi with the name. Gambi stated that he had in fact already been staking out Ronald Wright, who had in fact recently overdosed himself.

Jennifer visited Khalil in the hospital during his physical therapy session, where he attempted to walk once more. Jennifer continued to give him the fullest support, but when she took a minute to walk out in the hallway she broke out in tears – fearing that Khalil would never walk again.

Elsewhere, Tobias Whale met with the coroner who filed the death of Black Lightning. Not even bother to question why the coroner falsified Black Lightning’s death, Tobias continued to beat him. The coroner pleaded his case, saying that his boss brought the body from the lake and it was presumed to be Black Lightning. His henchmen joined in, stating that the coroner would pay with his own life – before killing him.

Jennifer met with her parents where she told him that she wanted to quit the track team so that she could spend more time with Khalil. Jefferson stated that he was disappointed with the fact that she missed practice, but Lynn said that she should take a few days to think about it before coming to a decision. The family then were joined by Detective Henderson and his wife for dinner, in which they hosted discussions about Freeland. Eventually, the question was raised as to whether or not Black Lightning was actually doing a good job and if he was a better or a worse solution for the city.

During the discussion, Anissa grew frustrated and left the dinner table. She headed out, and she would up running into a confrontation with the two drug dealers from earlier. After a brief verbal confrontation, she found herself fighting against them. Realizing she did more damage then she intended, she called for an ambulance.

Image: The CW

Jefferson entered a bar and approached the Green Light distributor, a man named Two-Bits who was a former classmate of Jefferson’s. He warned him that the cops were closing in on him and to get out of the game.

After his confrontation with Two-Bits, Jefferson headed to Gambi’s and talked to him about the current situation. Gambi told Jefferson that it sounded like something that Black Lightning needed to handle, since Two-Bits didn’t listen to him as Jefferson. So Jefferson suited up and headed out to the bar, where he confronted the distributor. After pleading for Black Lightning to not call the cops, he provided the intel that Jefferson was seeking out.

The next day, Jefferson met with a group of board members to talk about Bernard’s situation. After arguing his case to keep Bernard in school, as this was a one time offense, Jefferson was presented with an ultimatum. Either expel Bernard or go against the boards recommendation and risk being fired.

Jefferson headed out that night and started patrolling the streets. Gambi gave him a costume upgrade, giving his goggles electric vision which allowed him to see the electric signature of all things.

While Jefferson was out, Anissa met with Grace and started venting about her parents. During their discussion, they were approached by two street thugs. They tried to start a fight with the two of them, and it resulted in Anissa using her powers to stop the two thugs.

Hearing the explosion, Jefferson headed in that direction. He arrived on the scene and saw Anissa and Grace. Elsewhere, Gambi looked at the security footage and saw Anissa using her powers. He lied to Jefferson, hiding what he saw. After Jefferson left, Gambi headed to the scene himself without informing Jefferson.

Image: The CW

Elsewhere, Tobias watched the news report on Khalil. His sister walked in the room and he told her that he planned on killing Black Lightning himself. Tobias’s sister stated that Khalil had every reason to hate Black Lightning, so they should use that to their advantage.

Jennifer headed to the hospital to find him surrounded by new video games and all kids of equipment. She asked him about it, to which he responded that an anonymous donor gave it all to him, in addition to taking care of his mothers rent and his medical bills. Khalil’s mom entered with Jefferson, and told them what the doctors discovered. His spinal cord was completely severed, and he would be paralyzed for the rest of his life.

Bernard’s dad called Jefferson and told him that Bernard had went to a drug house after their meeting. Jefferson suited up and rescued Bernard, who had come extremely close to ODing.

The next day, Jefferson learned that Bernard was admitted to rehab. Bernard’s dad thanked Jefferson for everything, before leaving.

At the hospital, Khalil woke up to Tobias Whale. Tobias indicated that he was the anonymous donor, and he has a cure to Khalil’s pain.

Black Lightning will return on Tuesday, February 13th at 9PM/EST on The CW.


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