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‘Black Lightning’ Recap ‘And Then the Devil Brought the Plague: The Book of Green Light’

Published on February 14th, 2018 | Updated on February 15th, 2018 | By FanFest

Black Lightning has continued to impressed us with every week that passes, and it has become highly enjoyable for me to see these characters develop. To the people of Freeland, Jefferson Pierce is more than just a principal – he is a hero.

‘And Then the Devil Brought the Plague: The Book of Green Light’ started off with Jefferson and Gambi testing out some of the suit’s new capabilities – which allow him to use his lightning powers to hover for a period of time. While doing so, he spotted two police officers struggling to handle a suspect. Jefferson spotted his hands shaking from afar – immediately noting that he was high on Green Light. Before the police could escalate the situation to shooting, Jefferson flew in and managed to knock the suspect out.

While Jefferson continued to practice using his new suit, Gambi looked over at his security camera and saw that Tobias Whale arrived at his shop. Gambi approached Tobias stating that they had an agreement, and Tobias and his sister were supposed to leave town – and that the serum that Tobias was injected with didn’t mean that Tobias couldn’t be killed. Tobias smirked, and told Gambi that he wanted a new suit. Tobias then asked Gambi if he knew who Black Lightning was, to which Gambi denied. Tobias stated that he would ‘see Gambi soon’.

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At the Pierce house, Anissa watched a blogger video where a man talked about people with special abilities. Apparently in Freeland, 30 years ago a bunch of kids displayed enhanced abilities and then suddenly disappeared. Elsewhere, Jennifer was at a skating rink with a friend where she ran into Khalil’s exgirlfriend. After a brief verbal confrontation the two of them engaged in a fight where Jennifer gained the upper hand and knocked the girls to the ground.

Jefferson headed to a convenience store, where he encountered a young man who was holding his daughter in his arms. The man was asking the cashier to return his money back to him, since the medicine he bought expired three years ago and his daughter was still sick. When the cashier started getting an attitude, Jefferson intervened and began getting angry, almost resulting in him displaying his Black Lightning powers.

Anissa continued to watch the blog post, where she learned that her grandfather was a journalist who attempted to push out articles about the vaccines that were said to give these kids enhanced abilities – however he was murdered a week later after his posts were shut down.

Jefferson headed to a location, where he had gathered intel that housed Green Light. While there, he was confronted by a worker. Tobias questioned the man, using his powers, to find out the name of the supplier who asked him to house the Green light – and the man’s name was Joey Toledo, the man who killed Jefferson’s father.

Jefferson confronted Gambi, demanding to know how Joey Toledo being alive was something Jefferson was not aware of. Jefferson began getting extremely angry, stating that if Joey Toledo was around then Tobias Whale was probably still around and he could not allow that to happen. Jefferson began growing an immediate migraine, and passed out. Gambi brought Jefferson to Lynn to recover, to inform her what was going on about Jefferson’s headaches and his anger issues. When Jefferson woke up, Lynn insisted he rest until they figured out what was going on with him.

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Elsewhere, Tobias met with his sister Tori and they talked about Lady Eve and Tobias’s plan to capture Black Lightning. Tori stated that Tobias’s problem didn’t come from not killing Black Lightning, it came as a result of Tobias not dealing with his first enemy. She then told Tobias that she had good news, she found Aldrich. This cued a flashback sequence in which we saw Tobias speaking to a man, who appeared to be a father figure to him. He and Tobias got into a verbal confrontation where young Tori attempted to stand up for Tobias, but she wound up getting slapped across the face.

Anissa approached Jefferson about her grandfather. Jefferson stated that he was an upstanding citizen and a good man. Not completely satisfied, she headed to the office of the Freeland Gazette and met with a former colleague of her grandfather’s. She brought up the reports she discovered about the missing kids and the reporter ordered her to leave immediately.

That night, Jefferson approached Detective Henderson as Black Lightning. He informed the detective that Joey Toledo was back in town, and he was the main distributor behind Green Light. Jefferson gave him a burner cell phone for them to communicate.

Back at the Pierce House, Lynn and Jefferson had a conversation about Jefferson going out again as Black Lightning. During their conversation, Lonna and her mother came in and started to talk about her fight with Jennifer. Jefferson invited them in and after a few minutes, they started having a civil conversation. Jennifer walked in, and Lonna and her family took the opportunity to leave. Lynn expressed her concern with Jennifer and her anger, and then grounded her.



Anissa’s headed to the Freeland Gazette and met with her grandfather’s friend to talk about the reports her grandfather attempted to write.  After hesitating, he gave Anissa a box full of files in relation to the experiments expose. He warned Anissa about the dangers of getting involved in the stuff her grandfather was currently involved in.

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Tobias and Tori headed to their fathers house and confronted him. After a brief conversation, Tobias broke his back and left him to die slowly and painfully on the floor of his bathroom.

At the Pierce house, Jefferson had a conversation with Jennifer about handling her anger. Jennifer insisted she was okay, but Jefferson told her that she had a lot to be mad at. After looking through the files she obtained, Anissa discovered a key location in the patterns of the missing kids: The Anvile Storage Facility. She elected to scope it out herself, and decided to put together a disguise – consisting of a costume and a wig.

After receiving a call from Detective Henderson confirming that Joey Toledo was back in town, Jefferson suited up. As he attempted to head out, he was stopped by Gambi. Gambi told Jefferson there was a problem with the suit, and urged Jefferson to stay home. Jefferson ignored Gambi’s request, and headed out anyway.

Anissa arrived at the storage unit suited up, and bean perusing. There she found diary entries from her grandfather, along with a mysterious substance in a capsule.

Jefferson tracked down the woman Joey Toledo had been seeing and orders her to hand over her phone. Using her cell, he texted Joey Toledo and lured him outside. The two engaged in a brief fight, with Jefferson maintaining the upper hand. As he tries to beat Toledo into giving him Tobias’s location, Jefferson suddenly spikes a headache. This gave Toledo a chance to knock Jefferson down, and walk away.

Black Lightning will return on Tuesday, February 27th at 9PM/EST on The CW.


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