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Billy Crudup Will No Longer Play Barry Allen’s Dad

You may not even remember it, since it was such a small part of the film. We got to see Barry’s dad during Justice League when it first came out. Billy Crudup portrayed the role of Henry Allen, father of Barry Allen. He wasn’t in the film for very long, so it’s okay if you don’t remember. It is currently unknown whether or not he filmed more scenes during filming. If he did there is a chance that he could pop up in the Snyder Cut of Justice League that is releasing next week. If there are new scenes those are going to be the last time we see Bully Crudup as Henry Allen. Billy Crudup will no longer play Barry Allen’s dad.

Billy Crudup Will No Longer Play Barry Allen's Dad
Image via Zack Snyder’s Vero Account

Crudup was actually supposed to return initially, but it seems like he will be unable to due to scheduling conflicts. It really is a shame, especially since Crudup has previously won an Emmy. It was unclear for a while whether or not the character would be recast or written out. Now, it has been confirmed that the role of Henry Allen will, in fact, be recast. This isn’t the only piece of casting news we’ve gotten for The Flash film recently. Kiersey Clemons is going to play Barry’s love interest, Iris West. Maybe in this iteration of the Scarlet Speedster, they will not have grown up as brother and sister. In non-Flash-related casting news, the film will also have not one but two different Batmen. Ben Affleck will reprise his role as the Dark Knight along with Michael Keaton. This will be the first time in a very long time that Keaton is going to put on the Batsuit.

The Flash should hit theatres in November 2022 and should start production this upcoming April.

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