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‘Big Bang Theory’ Recap “The Wedding Gift Wormhole”

ShAmy is back from their honeymoon and are diving into their wedding presents. They open Penny and Leonard’s gift and there’s a card attached that reads “The perfect gift for the perfect couple.” They open it and it looks kind of looks like a wine bottle stopper but no one knows. Is it candy? Is it from a sci-fi show? Is it a marital aid?

Sheldon and Amy are losing sleep over the gift. Sheldon hand delivers a thank you card to Penny and Leonard in hopes of getting an answer out of them. It backfires. He goes to Howard who tells him it’s part of a scavenger hunt and they need to find the next clue.

It turns out that its a crystal wand that Howard and Bernadette got from Raj and regifted to Leonard and Penny who in turn regifted it to Sheldon and Amy.

‘Big Bang Theory’ Recap "The Wedding Gift Wormhole”

Sheldon and Amy run all over town looking for the next clue. They talk to Bert to see if he knows what it is. He says its quartz. They deduce that the next clue is in the coffee shop where they first met. They find a locket in the lost and found box.

So moved by Penny and Leonard’s “gift” they return the favor

Stewart and Denise are going strong in a very weird way. They kissed at ShAmy’s wedding but they haven’t defined the relationship yet. He did ask her out so, we’ll see. Stewart is so happy. He is trying everything to impress Denise, even a spray tan. What is he going to do? He decides to keep the date and tells Denise the truth behind the bad spray tan. She must really like him.

‘Big Bang Theory’ Recap "The Wedding Gift Wormhole”

Raj is feeling lonely and enlists his father’s help with the ladies. He asks for an arranged marriage. All he asks in return is that Raj stops posting pictures of himself and Cinnamon in matching sweaters online. Raj’s father found him a woman and Sheldon knows just what to give him as a wedding gift.


I’m happy for Stewart and Denise. I think it’s about time something good happened to Stewart. I do feel bad for Raj, though. He was very adamant in the early seasons that he wasn’t going to follow in his parents’ footsteps and give in to an arranged marriage. Hopefully, he doesn’t regret this decision.