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‘Big Bang Theory’ Recap ‘The Cognition Regeneration’

Published on April 28th, 2017 | Updated on April 28th, 2017 | By FanFest

Since last week’s episode, Sheldon has begun to realize that he isn’t as good at picking up new video games as he used to be, and he’s really upset about it. He tries this idea of super aging to increase his mental power. He starts asking everyone to teach him their hobbies.

While the boys are having game night, the girls are out for girl’s night. Bernadette drops some wisdom about how beer is good for breastfeeding because of the yeast and that breastfeeding burns 5000 calories. I’m with Amy on this one, I don’t believe these are true…

Google says that a polysaccharide in the barley used to make beer seems to stimulate prolactin, which helps moms make more milk, but the alcohol in beer inhibits milk production. Yeast is used in the fermentation process and is usually filtered out before being bottled. Breastfeeding burns 300-500 calories a day, so not quite as much as Bernie hoped. The more you know!

While out, Penny runs into her ex, Zack and guess what! Zack’s engaged! But he still seems to have a soft spot for Penny because when he learns that she doesn’t like her current job, he offers her one at his company. It’s a tempting offer. Zack also suggests that the four of them get together for dinner.

Penny tells Leonard about the offer and he thinks the idea is stupid. She shouldn’t work for her ex. But he knows how miserable she is at her job now… He agrees to dinner and they talk about the job offer. Penny seems to want to take it but Leonard is still not convinced that it’s a good.

“I don’t want you to be unhappy. I just want you to be smart.”- Leonard

Penny takes that as he thinks she’s dumb and gets offended. They then confide in their friends to figure out what to do.

Meanwhile, Raj is teaching Sheldon how to bake croissants and he masters that on the first try. So he goes to Howard to learn how to juggle. We don’t get to see him juggle 3 balls but my guess is he mastered that too.

Sheldon ends his experiment with a unicycle. He’s officially given up. Amy tries to reign him in and reassure him that everything will be fine. But he decides to try walking on stilts. That’ll do the trick!

Penny and Leonard eventually sit down to talk. They try to compromise but it doesn’t go to well. Leonard finally agrees to let Penny take the job. But as it turns out, Zack’s fiancé thought the idea was stupid too and threw a shoe at Zack.

Howard was feeling hurt by some comments Bernadette made about being embarrassed by his magic tricks, so he goes to talk to her mom. It turns out that while Bernadette is embarrassed by Howard’s magic, she was hiding a secret hobby- ventriloquism. She is scary good at it too.

Let’s hope that Sheldon is back to speed next week and that Howard hides Tammy Jo St. Cloud… She’s a bit creepy.

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