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‘Beverly Hills 90210’ with Original Cast Members Set for Summer Release

Published on February 27th, 2019 | Updated on February 27th, 2019 | By FanFest

In a world full of reboots and revivals of numerous television shows and movies, fans of a particular show from the 1990s have gotten their wish. Fox has officially closed the deal which will bring the Beverly Hills 90210 characters back into our lives. Sorta. According to Deadline the limited series event will include six episodes are set to air this upcoming summer.

Instead of coming back as a full blown reboot, the show will feature heightened versions of cast members Jason Priestley, Jennie Garth, Ian Ziering, Gabrielle Carteris, Brian Austin Green and Tori Spelling. The show will pick up nineteen years after the original series ended and show a behind-the-scenes look at the potential reboot of the popular 90s series once more. Whether they will touch on the actual reboot in 2008 is another story. A meta show that will basically parody one of my favorite older shows attempting to reboot is right up my alley. The addition of drama and a prime soap elements makes this wait for fans makes summer’s arrival appear far longer than normal.

After all, what happens when cast mates get together after nineteen years? Is the same chemistry there? Did some of these co-stars actually hate each other? As the show attempts to rebuild it’s glory days, the cast and crew will surely elicit a spectrum of emotions that will inevitably spark old romances. The idea that they will be able to pick up where they left off is a steep order to fill considering two cast members are still not attending West Beverly. Can there really be a reboot without Luke Perry and Shannen Doherty? The answer unfortunately, and fortunately, is yes.

While we can continue to hope for a cameo or two on the show, which will feature the cast members not set to appear currently, fans are still excited for the upcoming meta version of Beverly Hills 90210.

Fans are not the only ones excited for a reboot of the beloved 90s series. Tori Spelling has talked about the potential revamping the series for quite some time. She also recently explained the premise of the upcoming series event.

“It’s not technically a reboot, because I feel like everyone has seen the reboot. We don’t want to be the last ones like doing the reboot thing, and no one wants to see like old versions of ourselves, but they do want to see us playing our characters, so what we’re doing is the entire cast is playing heightened versions of themselves. Think Curb Your Enthusiasm episodes, in an hour long show, and we’re all playing heightened versions, so it could be fictional, it could be non-fictional, people will have to guess. And then we will have pop-ins, because we’re behind the scenes trying to do the reboot.”

Reboot, revival, or neither, I am beyond excited to see most of the gang from West Beverly high school back together again. There’s unlimited potential for the series. Nods to the original series is a must and the meta nature of the show makes me feel there’s no way for failure. Hopefully along with the cameos mentioned above the show can attain Tiffani Thiessen, Vanessa Marcil, Lindsay Price, Mark D. Espinoza, Kathleen Robertson, Vincent Young, as well as many others. Besides it would not be a revival without a visit to the Peach Pit with Joe E. Tata featured and the Walsh parents, Carol Potter and James Eckhouse, making an appearance or two.

While only time will tell and many made up scenarios of upcoming scenes will run through fans minds, the summer feels so painfully far away with today’s announcement. Hopefully there will be a copy of more as the teaser below is not enough to satisfy fans for long.


Do you plan on tuning in this summer? Which character and/or actor are you most looking forward to seeing back on the small screen? Let us know in the comments below!


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