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Better Call Saul “Talk” Preview

Published on August 26th, 2018 | Updated on August 26th, 2018 | By FanFest

Man, at this stage in the game it seems the further this season of Better Call Saul goes the further and further away we’re going to get from the Jimmy McGill we fell in love with. One would have thought that the closing of last week’s episode, “Something Beautiful”, would have awoken something in Jimmy. Hearing Chuck’s last words to him, and positive words that, should have triggered something. Just a small touch of emotion. A sniffle would have been something. Anything. Instead, Jimmy read the letter in a carefree manner while eating his morning cereal and ended it with a matter of fact “man sure could write a letter” while Kim wept beside him.

It’s that crying that has my biggest concern as it’s a loaded moment. What exactly is Kim crying about? Is it the further detachment of Jimmy? Is it that Chuck’s letter actually exceeded her expectations and didn’t bury his brother? Is it her guilt for her involvement in Jimmy’s scheme that drove Chuck mad? Or could it be because she switched the letters and knows Chuck’s actual thoughts? When I first watched the scene I thought it was a mixture of guilt, expectations, and Jimmy’s detachment, but I’m starting to wonder if Kim did actually write a new letter to spare Jimmy any further pain. If that’s what happened what does that mean for Kim? In a lot of ways, she would be just protecting the person she loves but it’s sneaky and if Jimmy ever discovered the actual letter than it could blow up in her face. Ugh, everything with Kim has me so nervous. I keep waiting for something terrible to happen to her and it’s making me anxious. Can’t we just get confirmation that she rides off into the sunset before things go sideways? Killing me here.

Jimmy also has been reverting back to his stealing, scammy ways and now has a little statue worth eight thousand dollars. A little statue that isn’t really worth the risk it took to get it. Where does Jimmy go from here? Does he continue scamming his way to Saul or does he get himself a job? Jimmy is so detached at this moment it doesn’t seem that he cares about anything. The scams at least make him feel something and that’s a dangerous place to be.

Keep an eye out on Kim too, I’ve got this weird feeling that she’s suspecting Mesa Verde of something shady. I think. Something isn’t right there.

That leaves us Gus, Nacho, and the cartel side of the show. Nacho appears to have kept his cover having nearly died at the hands of Gus’s henchmen. I get that you have to make things look real but man, a gunshot wound to the stomach is some risky stuff. Nacho at this point is the character most in peril as he is playing both sides. Working for Gus while pretending to be a loyal Salamanca employee. If we know anything about the Twins it’s that they are totally reasonable individuals and wouldn’t take Nacho’s betrayal personally. Not at all. One of them actually gave Nacho blood so he could live. Can you imagine how pissed they’re going to be when they find out he’s a mole?! At this point, Nacho seems to be on some borrowed time, and Gus Fring doesn’t mind too much.  Why should he, he’s getting exactly what he needs out of this relationship. Nacho just needs to survive until Gus has everything he needs.

With Hector layed up in the hospital, and receiving the best possible care courtesy of Gus, the cartel finds itself in a tricky position. The “hit” on Nacho raises eyebrows and concerns as the cartel is afraid to move product in or out of Mexico, a problem that Gus Fring had been hoping for. Gus has plan, always has a plan, and while the timetable might be a bit different because of Nacho’s interference, things are still going accordingly. With no product being moved Gus is allowed to seek hometown cooks, opening the door to Walter White’s success, and the laundry mat kitchen. “Something Beautiful’s” use of Gale last week was a nice touch in showing us that Gus has things in motion at all times.

The question now becomes, how long can Gus keep the cartel at standstill and products from being shipped in and out of the country? Long enough to establish his product as superior? Seems like a safe bet.

There you have it Geeklings, what do you think is going to happen next on Better Call Saul? Did Kim switch the letter? Is Jimmy fading before our eyes? Can Nacho survive working for Gus and the Salamancas? What is Gus’s next move? Sound off in the comments or if you’d like to talk more Saul with yours truly then you can find me on the Twitter @iamgeek32. See everyone Tuesday with the episode review. Until then, make sure you keep everything all good man!


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