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Better Call Saul “Something Stupid” Preview

Published on September 17th, 2018 | Updated on September 18th, 2018 | By FanFest

Jimmy, having ridden himself of the punks who mugged him, now has full control of the Dog House turf to sell his breaker phones. Kim has become a partner at a big firm allowing Mesa Verde to get the best service possible while Kim can make a difference as a lawyer again. Gus is lurking in the shadows keeping Hector alive and being super sinister while his super methlab is being built. Mike might have some problems with some of the construction workers. On top of this, there are only four episodes of Better Call Saul left. Just four. I don’t know about you guys but I’m not ready. I’m bracing myself for some serious heart pains as the season reaches its conclusion.

Let’s start with Mike and his soon to be big problem, something that was left out of last week’s review. As far as secret construction worker setups go, there is no denying that Gus went all out for the men who will be building his superlab. The best of the best for the best of the best, and on paper it looks like it could work. There should be enough comforts to keep these guys fresh and willing to do the job, but there’s always got to be one guy who causes a problem, and it looks like this job won’t be smooth sailings. Mike is a character who keeps his emotions in check and tries to look at the big picture, but it’s clear that Kai is going to test his patience. Anyone else getting the vibe that this is a character that’s going to have to be “removed”? I can see Mike doing everything in his power to prevent that but something tells me this guy is going to force his hand.

Speaking of hands, was it me or did it look like Hector’s hand moved a little bit after Gus’s terrifying speech? Based on how long Hector has been in a comma it seems that his bell ringing days are right around the corner but is it possible that he was awake the whole time Gus was giving his supervillain monologue? If he was I love the added dimension it gives to this relationship. Hector is a proud man and I believe he would rather be dead than alive because Gus paid for all the best care.

Howard is in need of some caring as he’s been really falling off the rails this season. I loved last weeks pep talk/eff you moment as it added a little more to the Jimmy and Howard relationship. I’m standing by my theory that Saul gave Howard’s card out before going into hiding and that maybe this pep talk gets them to some sort of understanding. Or maybe a place where they can respect each other? I don’t know, but I can see Howard getting himself back in gear and wanting to thank Jimmy for it. Things to keep an eye on as the season moves forward.

Jimmy, having rid himself of those mugging goons, now has free reign of the Dog House which will make his breaker phone selling operation move a bit more fluidly. This plan worries me as it’s both genius and such a large risk. All Jimmy has to do is play it cool and he and he can get his license back. But if we know anything about Jimmy it’s that he’s not very good at playing it cool. This operation could ruin everything at a time where his future is already in flux with Kim joining another firm. When one door closes another door opens to illegal cell phone sales. I’m really worried about Jimmy this season and as Saul Goodman approaches I want to see him less and less.

P.S.- did anyone else notice that Huelle was one of the guys Jimmy hired for intimidation?

Is it possible that we get to see more from the Breaking Bad timeline tonight? We still have a phone call to wait for and a business card that needs to get cashed in. There’s no way that those story threads don’t get touched on again this season… right?!

There you have it Geeklings? What are you expecting from tonight’s Better Call Saul? Will Jimmy’s operation continue to move smoothly? Are you happy with Kim’s choice? Is Mike going to have to rough up one of the construction workers? What’s the first word Hector spells out with the bell? Be sure to sound off in the comments with all your thoughts and theories. If you’d like to talk more Saul with yours truly then you can find me on the Twitter where I’ll be semi-live Tweeting the episode along with the Emmys. Big night ahead. See everyone tomorrow with my episode review and remember, it’s all good man!


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