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Better Call Saul “Rebecca” Preview

Published on March 13th, 2016 | Updated on March 13th, 2016 | By FanFest

After last weeks fantastic,
mostly Mike, Better Call
I think this week it’s time
to shift
the focus back on Jimmy. Freshly removed from the chopping block,
but sitting on
two strikes,
Jimmy really needs to keep his nose clean and if this preview is
indication that’s going to be
difficult. Jimmy is all about results and
sometimes has no problem blurring
the lines (not as bad as those
folks though) of the law in order to obtain them.
Although bribing
someone in front
of another attorney doesn’t seem to be the smartest move in

actions were not without consequence
and girlfriend(?), lover
(yeah that somehow seems more right, doesn’t it?)
Kim has felt the most of it.

Despite being moved downstairs to be a basement dweller it appears that Kim
one step closer of being
pushed out the door of HH&M. It’s nice that this
trailer shows Kim
being proactive about her future, if
she even has one. When in
doubt ask Chuck. Not to mention telling Jimmy to
eff off is probably a smart

move considering he’s the reason she’s the firms resident bridge troll (I
figured the basement was
similar to living under a bridge. No? Maybe? Is there
anyone with me on that
one? Moving on). Jimmy wanting
to be the super hero here
is the almost the equivalent of Loki blowing up
New York with a bunch of aliens

and then wanting to help rebuild it because he feels sort of guilty. Not
to work. You tell him

Meanwhile Mike looks to return to work despite
how purple his
face currently is. If there is one
thing I love about Better
Call Saul
it’s the interactions between
Mike and Jimmy. I love the

blossoming of that relationship. I think people sometimes overlook how
woven into the threads of
Breaking Bad Mike was. Not to mention
that sitting across
from him in that restaurant? Could
it be a familiar
face? Maybe…Gus?! No probably not Gus, but that would be
super cool. Although
wouldn’t be surprised to see that Mike’s work last week opens the door to

the owner of the chicken brothers
making his claim on the drug market, and that
person sitting across from
Mike being affiliated with Gus. Just
a thought.
Something tells me that Nacho isn’t meant to be a big time
player. He’s got
dreams (awww
ain’t that cute) but not sure if he’s the right businessman for

This week will see Jimmy
return to his old stomping grounds but
will it prevent him from getting his
hands dirty in some capacity?
Does Kim have
a future at the firm? Will the boy wonder be able to escape
his… sorry got
carried away.
Be sure to check out Better Call Saul tomorrow night at 10
p.m. on

Feel free to leave your
thoughts below in the comments. If
you’ve got theories, thoughts, or
anything else I want to hear them. Stay

frosty Geeklings!

Video and Image from AMC

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