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‘Better Call Saul’ Preview ‘Gloves Off’

Published on March 7th, 2016 | Updated on March 8th, 2016 | By FanFest

When we last left off it seems
Jimmy has himself in some pretty hot
water. Going outside the permission of
the firm to air that commercial has
not only got himself in a bind but
potentially be detrimental to the career of Kim. If Breaking Bad
taught us nothing
it’s always the innocent bystanders who get it the worse. If
this trailer
is any indication it seems that
Jimmy’s career with Davis &
Main is hanging by a thread, and if it goes
belly up does that mean we’re
to see the birth of Saul Goodman sooner rather than later?

to be
forgotten is Mike who
recently got hired by Nacho to take someone out. While we
don’t know who
that someone is quite yet I feel
the door is opening for the
arrival of our Breaking Bad Mike. You
know, lovable muscle to Gus and


Who is Mike hired to take out? Can Jimmy get past the boards
to lawyer another day? And
what’s all that interaction with Chuck about? Could
Jimmy be trying to
persuade his brother to bail him out
one last time? Be sure
to check back here after the episode to see if Chuck
was willing to roll around
the dirt.

Video and Image
from AMC

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