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Better Call Saul “Nailed” Preview


Oh I think Jimmy
messed up. Oh I think Jimmy done
messed up pretty bad. Here we are
Geeklings with only two episodes left of
this season, and things look like

they’re about to hit the fan. Not only did Jimmy preform his most illegal
yet last week (you
remember changing the address on the legal forms to help Kim
possibly get
the big money account back) but it
seems that these last two
episodes are going to bring a lot to the
forefront. Especially the rivalry

between Chuck and Jimmy. Is it even a rivalry though or a mutual disdain for

each others

There is little doubt that Jimmy crossed the line
week ,from a legal standpoint that
is. While I find Jimmy’s actions to be
cringe worthy he is no where near
the monster that Walter White was
which makes
it more difficult to root against him. You just kind of wish
Jimmy would get out
of his own
way. I want to believe that his heart was in the right place when he
tampering with those files, but
I think it was more to get back at Chuck
for interfering than to help Kim.
As I said in last weeks review
there’s no way
Jimmy is dumb enough to believe that once this “error” is
discovered that Chuck
immediately put two and two together and find Jimmy’s involvement. Chuck

may be a little crazy with his tin
foil needs and allergies to technology, but
he is not stupid. Plus it
doesn’t take a rocket scientist to
figure out that
Chuck was laid up, Jimmy sent his aid home, the Mesa Verde
files were in the
house, Jimmy
was by himself… boom lawyered!

In all my experiences with
TV this is probably the first
time I’ve ever seen a character nervous
about someone who was leaving a
copy store. But Jimmy needs to cover
his tracks
and I wonder if that means quieting the employee of the open
obscenely late copy
shop. Why
would he do the art project in such a public place?! I guess that’s
Mike will come in. In the early
parts of the trailer we can hear Jimmy’s
voice on the other end of the
phone Mike answers. This season has
kept their two
stories mostly separate, with small interactions here and
there, but I think
it’s about
time that these two stories intersect and we bring Jimmy and Mike
I got a feeling that Jimmy could
use Mike’s muscle to keep the
cashier quiet, and if Mike is looking to put
a future bell ringer in a wheel

chair, I’m sure he could use a lawyer who could attest to his whereabouts
need be. Just a

I posed this question in last weeks review and
I’m going to
pose it again here, do we think
Kim knows what Jimmy did and is
just choosing to sweep it under the rug? The
scene of the two of them in bed

made it seem that Kim is aware and is unwilling to speak about it. The
“if I don’t know about
it, it never happened” way of living that
has never blown up in the
face of anyone before. Not once.
I’ve said
it from the beginning that I think Kim will be the biggest
of Better Call
and I’m starting to wonder if their shared law
building will ever
get off the ground. But if she
knows about Jimmy’s actions
and does nothing about them suddenly she’s no
longer a victim. She’s an


Chuck has been tolerant of Jimmy’s behavior, and I think
Mesa Verde files will
result in a gloves off mentality. You won’t like Chuck
when he’s angry!
Chuck stuck his neck out for Kim
trying to get her out of the
basement and feels betrayed that she’s
aligning herself with his brother. I

would be willing to believe that Chuck will suspect that she has a part in
too. Chuck has always
been a thorn in Jimmy’s side but I’m curious to what
he’ll be when he
goes into full on lawyer revenge
mode. Both Jimmy and Kim have
problems ahead of them and I wonder if
they’ll be able to battle HHM on their


One last note before I sign off here, in all my excitement with
weeks episodes round up
I forgot to mention the great Breaking Bad easter
egg the show
slipped in. Did anyone recognize the
hot dog place Jimmy and Kim
were eating at? Here let me refresh your

It’s the very same where our beloved
Jesse Pinkman used to deal his
meth. I even want say that they
were sitting at
the same table (not fact just something I’m saying because
I have the platform
to do
so). This brings me back to my idea on how to end this season. For those
you who have forgotten allow me
to refresh. The season ends in present day
with Gene (the black and white
Saul in hiding from the season
premier) coming
face to face with Jesse in the Cinnabon. Jesse is ordering a
tasty treat him and
lock eyes and the show rolls credits. I bring this up again for two
It would allow the show to jump
to the present time line a little bit
in season three as we see the chance
encounter with Pinkman has Saul
wanting to
make a run for it (healthy dose of paranoia), and because Aaron
Paul recently
opened up how he
has had talks with the show to bring Pinkman back
for Better Call
. While he said nothing has
come of it yet,
wouldn’t it be awesome seeing him in the finale?! Even if
it was for two
seconds. Maybe
the use of the Dog House was a bit of foreshadowing? Or maybe
I’m just
reading too deeply into things and
really wanted to talk about my
theory again. Either way…

Tune in Tuesday

evening for my review of “Nailed” and if you have theories and thoughts of
own feel free to share
them in the comments below.

Call Saul
airs Monday at 10
p.m. on AMC

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