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Better Call Saul, “Fifi” Preview

Published on April 3rd, 2016 | Updated on April 3rd, 2016 | By FanFest

Fun fact, when I was a child I
used to
have a stuffed Smurf (I think it
was made together solely by yarn and
probably many tears) that I called
Foofoo. Foofoo and I went every where

together; we were totally the best of buds. Some of you may think that his
would be inspired by the
Foo Fighters, but I assure you this was waaaaaaay
before they were even a
thing. Foofoo just sounded like an
awesome name for a
Smurf made of yarn. What does that have to do with this
weeks Better Call

Saul? Pretty much nothing but the title, “Fifi”, made me think of my
lost friend.

Now that that’s out of the way, and you
guys know
me a little better, let’s
break down this weeks episode. Considering
how there are only three left I
expect things to really start
gearing up for the
finish line. When we last left Jimmy he was back in the
nail saloon office,
having bag
piped his way to freedom, and looking to move out to share a building
Kim. A building not a law
practice which I feel is important, but
I again want to raise the question
of how could this possibly be good
for Kim?
Having Jimmy around and the way he conducts business just seems
like an open
door to temptation,
and we’ve already seen that she has a taste for shady
behavior. Granted she
does it for the rush and not the
money (cashing checks
means you’re being malicious apparently), but how
long before she needs
else? The only one in this situation that has nothing to lose is
He’ll have someone to split rent on
an office building and his own
practice where he can be the “colorful”
lawyer he was destined to be. Kim on
other hand could find herself out in the cold. I mean, there has to be a
why we didn’t see
her in Breaking Bad. Could it be that Jimmy sells
her out to save
his own neck? If we know anything
about Jimmy/Saul it’s that
self preservation is the key to

The trailer implies that both

Jimmy and Kim will be taking the first real steps towards their new futures
Jimmy making his first
solo commercial and Kim having that awkward break up talk
with Howard.
Things that have my curiosity are will
Jimmy film the commercial as
himself or will this be the first time we see
him take on the Saul Goodman

mantle? I could see him doing it in the spur in the moment because it felt

right. Kim on the other hand
has to deal with the king of the d-bags, Howard,
who feels that he already
knows what she’s going to say. I
have little doubt
that Howard was privy to the fact that Kim was meeting
with the opposing law
firm, but
I don’t think he’ll be expecting her to go solo. That conversation
be all types of uncomfortable and
I’m kind of hoping that Kim could put
Howard in his place. Or at least one
of those “suck it” moments where
he comes
off looking like a fool.

Else where Mike has got
something planned and I’m sure it’s not
anything legal or non-violent.
Hector forcing Mike into a corner
and to swallow
his pride has resulted in a grumpier Mike than usual, and his
anger at this
point is
almost palpable. I for one love angry Mike and since he’s been staking
the restaurant head quarters one
can expect that he’s going to go commando
soon. I don’t mean commando in
either the naked or Arnold
Schwarzenegger way
either. I’m standing by my brother in-law’s theory that
Mike will be the
reason that
Hector ends up in that wheelchair. I also wish I had just taken
credit for
that theory, it’s not like any of
you would have known better. Do I
get partial credit for sharing it with you

Finally it looks
we’re going to have ourselves a bit of a Chuck dilemma this week as
can be seen
by his collapse in
the lobby and Kim’s frantic hallway running. I really
believed that Chuck
was going to die last season and
was curious to what that
would do to Jimmy. I still believe he’ll die
before the series ends and I think

that death is important to the Jimmy character. All his life he’s had to
in the shadow of his
brother Chuck whilst searching for his approval and
recognition. Chuck’s
death could be the freedom that
Jimmy needs to really cut
himself loose. Or rather his death could be what
unhinges Jimmy into becoming

Saul. With Chuck gone there would really be nothing anchoring Jimmy to play
the rules any more. He
would be free to lawyer as he pleases. You could argue
Kim could be that
anchor but I have little doubt Jimmy
can corrupt her (as seen
in my ramblings a couple of paragraphs ago…or the
reviews). Just a


There you have it Geeklings. What do you expect to happen
week? Do you think Jimmy
will finally become Saul Goodman in name? How do you
think Kim’s talk with
Howard is going to go? Is Chuck
heading for that tin foil
blanket in the sky? Sound off in the comments. See
you Tuesday with the


Better Call Saul airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on



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