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Better Call Saul “Bali Ha’i” Preview

Published on March 20th, 2016 | Updated on March 20th, 2016 | By FanFest

Thank you everyone for taking a
of minutes to pull your eyeholes
away from the second season
of Daredevil to read this. I mean, if
I’m being honest, I had to pull

mine away to write it. Seriously though, how good has this season been? Ugh!

I’m trying to savor it but
honestly I’m not sure how
long that’s going to last.

But let’s

put the awesomeness of Daredevil aside for a little bit and discuss

this weeks episode of
Better Call Saul, “Bali Ha’i”, which according
to Google is a song
from the Broadway musical
South Pacific (I was
curious so I looked it up). A song that I’m
willing to bet plays in the

background during a pivotal moment of the episode. At least that’s my


So what can we
expect this week? Operation “Baby Sit Jimmy” is
still in effect and our
preview looks like Jimmy has to cover
his tracks some.
“What did she tell you” is never a good way to start a
meeting with a job that
kind of
wants you fired already. Basing things off of what we saw last week this

might have to do with the Beanie
Baby, but it is Jimmy we’re talking about here
so it’s within the realm of
possibilities that he did
something else that
rubbed the ninja pixie the wrong way.

Hide your
cucumber water because it

looks like Jimmy is sneaking back into the nail saloon. I feel like there is

something about Jimmy that
thinks he doesn’t deserve this
(*ahem* Chuck *ahem*),
that he needs to be slumming it up.

Jimmy’s existence in that closet office is like the saddest thing ever but
part of himself he can’t
let go. Despite how well things are going, and I know
this is a relative
term considering how angry the firm
is with him, Jimmy has a
knack to returning to his roots. We saw that last
season when he headed back

home to slum it up with Marco. There’s almost like an evolution to Jimmy’s

shadyness, and he visits
these old areas to reflect on what he was and to look
at what he’s
becoming, as a reminder that’s he’s
evolving into something

If this trailer is any indication,
things for Kim could be looking

up. Chuck promised to talk to Howard to get her out of the basement, not
what purpose this will
serve Chuck yet but I feel there is an ulterior motovie
at work. Despite
that Kim finds herself having a
mystery breakfast and is
hanging out with Howard again. My bet is some other
firm is looking to woo her

away and that draws Howard’s attention. Here’s hoping things continue to

improve for Kim.

now the most exciting part of the trailer, the Mike
story line. I hate to
say that because this is a show
about the birth of Saul
Goodman, but it’s kind of hard as a Breaking
fan to ignore the

presence of Hector Salamanca. Hector was such an interesting character that
never got to see in his
heyday. We got a couple of glimpses in flashbacks but it
seems that
Better Call Saul is looking to
explore more of what Hector was
like before the wheelchair and bell days.
Going to give a shout out to my

brother in-law here (hi Paul!) who thinks Mike could have something to do
Hector ending up in the
wheelchair, a theory I didn’t think of but kind of dig.
I feel this story
is opening the door to the arrival
of Gus and what better way
for Mike to get his attention then dealing with
his biggest foe? Something to

keep an eye on.

And speaking of keeping an eye on things, did my
eyed Breaking Bad
fans catch the teaser at the end of the trailer. Yes?
No? If not watch
to the very end because that
skull shoe holds a lot of
significance and has me all types of excited for
this episode. If you need

further help allow me to show you…(ready?)…(here it comes)…

That’s right! That shoe
belongs to
the foot of one of The Cousins, two of the biggest badasses to
come across
the Breaking
universe. Which makes sense considering where ever
Hector was The
Cousins weren’t to far away. I’m
anxiously awaiting to see how
they get worked into this story line and how
long they’ll be hanging around.

Will they just be there as a way of intimidating Mike into cooperating (have
met Mike?!) or could
they be making an extended visit to New Mexico? Guess
we’ll have to wait
and see.

Lots to look
forward to in this weeks Better Call
. Jimmy still finds himself in

hot water, Kim is trying to pull herself out of hot water, the return of

cucumber water as well as The
Cousins! Now I turn the floor over to you
Geeklings. What do you expect to
see this week? Are you excited for
the return
of The Cousins? Leave your thoughts below. In the mean time happy
viewing and
I’ll see you
Tuesday evening with an episode review.

Better Call Saul airs
Mondays at 10 p.m. on AMC

Images and
trailer from AMC

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