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Benedict Cumberbatch Has A Trailer For His New Movie On Netflix!

Published on August 26th, 2021 | Updated on August 26th, 2021 | By FanFest

Benedict Cumberbatch is awesome, this is just a fact. Not only is he a really talented actor, but he’s also a funny guy. Sometimes I think about the fact that he was sent on the press tour with Tom Holland… just to keep Holland from accidentally spoiling anything. Well, Benedict Cumberbatch has a trailer for his new movie on Netflix! It’s called The Power Of The Dog and it’s coming to Netflix on November 17th.

Cumberbatch was actually already in the spotlight, and I’m sure you already know where I’m going with this. Cumberbatch was just recently heavily featured in the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer. In the first trailer for the film, it was revealed what his role is going to be.

It looks like Peter Parker goes to him for help! He wants Doctor Strange to cast a spell that will cause people to forget he’s Spider-Man but things take a bad turn. For whatever reason casting this spell sends Peter on an adventure through the Multiverse.

But, let’s talk about The Power Of The Dog for a bit. You can check out the trailer, which I’ve left above and then you can head right to the comments to tell me what you thought! I think the film looks pretty awesome, personally!

Cumberbatch is going full cowboy in this film, which is set in the 1920s. It looks like the film revolves around Cumberbatch’s characters brother showing up on the ranch with his wife and kids, and Cumberbatch isn’t too impressed with that.

Kirsten Dunst, the former Mary Jane Watson is also in this film, which is funny with how much people are talking about Spider-Man right now!

You can catch The Power Of The Dog on Netflix on November 17! Let us know what you thought of the trailer down in the comments!

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