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Ben Platt announces new album and song release

Published on February 1st, 2019 | Updated on February 1st, 2019 | By FanFest

Tony Award winner Ben Platt released the first two songs on his debut solo album, Sing To Me Instead, and will release the full album March 29.

“Throughout Evan Hansen, I became somewhat desensitized to exposing my emotion on stage and putting myself in a vulnerable position as far as performing is concerned,” he said. “To find a way to scare myself again and do something new and appropriately dangerous is really exciting.”

The two tracks he premiered are: “Bad Habit” and “Ease My Mind.

Platt described the album as his exploration of love in all of its forms—romantic, friendship, familial. “Bad Habit” kicks off the record with the yearning for a love lost and the addictive nature of some relationships. “It’s sung from the perspective of someone looking retrospectively at a relationship that they have gotten out of and realizing that it’s someone they can’t seem to escape,” he explains. “There’s an attraction and comfort to someone that might not be the right person for us, but there’s an [undeniable] connection where you can’t help but go back again and again.”

“Ease My Mind” describes the calm that only a special person could provide—the person who lessens his anxiety and puts him at ease.

“As the tracks progress, you go back to the beginning of the relationship and see where the complications come from and what was the good and bad and what brought the singer to this place of feeling this addiction so deeply,” he adds. “There’s reveling in the goodness of it and there’s the vindictive break-up of it all; there’s the feeling as it dissolves and trying to hold onto it – all the different stages I created from an amalgam of the relationships I’ve had in my life.”

“Singing has always been my favorite activity, and it has always brought me the most joy,” he said. “I definitely wanted to make music that sounded like me, Ben, the person, because this is the first time that I’m attempting to present myself free of character.”

The official music video for “Bad Habit” will be out March 29 along with the 12-track record.

source: EW


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