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Ben Affleck Shares Batman News, Confirms Exit

After yesterdays update from Matt Reeves, which you can read here, it appears as though Ben Affleck has confirmed his involvement in the film after tweeting this:

Now, this seems to confirm that Ben Affleck won’t be returning as The Caped Crusader for Matt Reeves’ The Batman. However, I’m not sure if that means he is out of the game completely. While Ben may not be the Batman in the solo film which is looking to be set in Batman’s early days, that doesn’t mean that Ben is hanging up the cowl for good. Maybe that’s just wishful thinking. I guess I’ll just go and cry in the corner…

As a big DC fan, I was amazed by Affleck’s version of The Dark Knight, particularly in Batman v Superman where we saw a gritty and ruthless Batman, while some people disliked it, I was absolutely entranced by it. So I’m incredibly sad that Ben isn’t returning for a solo film based on the character he has been playing. Reactions on Twitter suggests that I am not the only person who is saddened by this news.

However, after looking at what Matt Reeves has said about his vision, I am very excited to see Batman return to his roots as a detective. As a director, Matt has amazing ideas and a brilliant way of capturing what he wants. The Planet of the Apes films are a perfect example of Matt’s ability to direct. I believe we are in for a treat.

So with Affleck seemingly out, the big question now is who will play a younger Bruce Wayne and Batman. Do you have any ideas? Let me know in the comments below, I would love to see what you guys thinks.