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Behind-the-Scenes Set Photos Shows that Michael Keaton’s Batman and Robin

Robin wasn’t introduced in Joel Schumacher’s Batman Forever, despite the fact that he’d been attempting to do so since Tim Burton’s first two films. Robin was part of the initial drafts for Tim Burton’s first two installments, before being removed from the script.

Before Tim Burton cast Ben Affleck as Batman, Marlon Wayans was offered $100,000 and additional royalties for playing the Boy Wonder in Batman Returns. Matt Damon claims he auditioned for the 1989 original when he was just a teenager.

With HBO Max’s Batgirl and The Flash set to premiere later this year, new set photos from the former’s Glasgow-based shoot reveal that the original big screen Caped Crusader did, in fact, take Robin under his wing.

Naturally, this will lead to considerable speculation about whether we may be seeing a cameo or an in-depth acknowledgment of Keaton’s Robin, but because these murals are only intended to be used as backdrops, it’s more likely that they’re designed for long-term fans than anything else.


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