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Behind-the-Scenes Images Revealed From Gina Carano’s New Movie

Published on November 7th, 2021 | Updated on November 7th, 2021 | By FanFest

Since being fired from The Mandalorian, Gina Carano has hardly shied away from the controversial opinions that contributed to her dismissal in the first place, doubling down on some opinions and theories that aren’t shared by a great deal of the general population.

However, the former MMA fighter is at least back at her day job, with shooting ongoing on Western Terror on the Prairie, which marks her first post-Mandalorian project after the last one got put on hold. Under any other circumstances, few would bat an eyelid at a genre film that’s more than likely never going to see the inside of a theater, but Carano’s mere presence is enough to generate a combination of intrigue and suspicion from certain quarters.

Co-starring in the film is veteran character actor Nick Searcy, who recently praised his co-star and the crew on social media while unveiling some behind the scenes images, which you can see below.

As you may have guessed, Terror on the Prairie is a non-union production, so that it doesn’t have to comply with COVID-19 vaccination mandates. Shooting appears to have gone off without a hitch, though, and it should at least generate some buzz before release given that Carano is a one-woman headline grabber.

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