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Batwoman: Addressing That Big Departure! Is Kate Kane Coming back!? Will We Have Two Batwomen For Season 3!?

Published on June 29th, 2021 | Updated on June 29th, 2021 | By FanFest

Batwoman had one hell of a second season! The show had to deal with losing its lead character for the second season, and they handled it well. They eventually replaced Ruby Rose with Wallis Day and introduced Kate Kane back. The season finale was huge, and the show is addressing that big departure as best as it can!

This is just a heads up that we’ll be discussing spoilers for the Batwoman season 2 finale, “Power” from now on. If you don’t want spoilers, avoid the rest of this article!

In the last few episodes, we saw Kate become something of a villain. Even after she learned she wasn’t really Roman Sionis’ daughter, Circe, and that she was really Kate Kane she remained villainous. In fact, she doubled down and allied with Black Mask to take down her former friends.

She actually mutilated the Batsuit and created a makeshift one of her own. It even included a destroyed Bat symbol she wore on top of her homemade suit. Of course, by the time it all was wrapped up for the finale, Kate Kane was just fine.

Fans have been wondering since Kate’s return because realistically we knew she’d be fine if we might see her as Batwoman again. Some fans have been hoping that we might see two Batwomen running around for season 3, but that seems like it won’t be the case.

By the time the credits roll, we’ve established that Kate is leaving Gotham City. She’s heading out to find Bruce, visit Kara, and deal with some things on her own. She also fully passes on the mantle of Batwoman to Ryan Wilder (Javicia Leslie).

It looks like Ryan will be sticking around for now! Javicia Leslie spoke about Kate’s departure, admitting she was a fan of it. With Kate alive somewhere out there in the world, it leaves the possibility for her to return. We could still see two Batwomen, just not right now.

“I love Kate’s goodbye because it felt like it wasn’t a goodbye forever. So, it’s like to me, a real passing of the torch, a real passing of the cowl. And I don’t think we ever really had that throughout the season, we never had a moment where Kate and Ryan were able to really pass the torch and say, ‘It’s your turn.'” Leslie told Entertainment Weekly, before speaking about how she knew all of this was coming. “We really wanted to give the character its justice and so, I think we did such a great job, and hiring Wallis was so cool because I feel like she just, not only fit the part, but just fit our family so easily, so [quickly]. And so, it’s been really fun to be able to be Batwoman while also still being able to play with the character of the original Batwoman.”

Batwoman will return this October on The CW for season 3!

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One thought on “Batwoman: Addressing That Big Departure! Is Kate Kane Coming back!? Will We Have Two Batwomen For Season 3!?

  1. Batwoman season 3 will be watchable if Kate Kane will be seen in it finding bruce and we will see them return to gotham as Batman and Batwoman 1.0 and they will help Ryan and Luke fight Poison Ivy from making gotham become a jungle kingdom for her to rule. I even got an origin story idea for Wallis Day playing Batwoman in the Matt Reeves Batman trilogy.


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