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‘Batman V. Superman’ Cosbaby Figures by Hot Toys Released

Three more figures are being released by them to add to the collection. They are so cute and I would go broke if I didn’t have a bit of self-control.
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There are dolls made of the scene of the nightmare that Bruce wayne had, you know, the apocalyptic one, where Superman goes on a killing spree. Batman is maskless and holding his (too small for his head) mask.
They even got a Robin doll! Just like you see it in the movie in the glass case. Up to the detail of the terrible message of the Joker that has been left.

As a third doll, there is a Superman doll with bright red eyes. I think it’s still from the scene that Batman has this apocalyptic dream and Superman uses his eyes to do that killing spree.
There is another Batman that has switchable heads along with a Batwing. You can open this one up and put Batman on his seat. Isn’t this too great?!

It’s pretty amazing to make such a small version out of a movie and I am truly excited to buy them! Well, not all of them, I have some self-control… barely!

All the dolls are a 12,5 cm tall besides the Batwing, that one is 14 cm tall and 23 cm long! No prices has been released, sadly.



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