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‘Batman V. Superman’ Before And After Shots Released

That Zack Snyder is amazing at what he does, is no secret at all. Even if you didn’t like the story of the movie, youcan’t have a problem with what you saw in the movie. Speaking of the special effects of course, it was a masterpiece. How Zack integrated some scenes, it seemed like it came out right of the comic.

It’s even more mind blowing if you know that the setting… wasn’t even there! Take a look at the video below from CGMeetup:

I hope they will bring out a video that will show piece by piece how they layer the effects into what it truly is now in the movie. It’s one thing to have a green screen, it’s another to actually pull it off as it looking like a real setting!

Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice is out now, have you seen it in the theatres near you yet? Discus it with us!


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