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Batman V Puppies: Dawn Of The Search Engine – Who’s More Popular?

Published on August 21st, 2017 | Updated on August 21st, 2017 | By FanFest

No matter how evil the villain or dark the knight, there is one hero we can always count on. They might not be the hero we deserve; but they are the hero we need. I’m of course talking about puppies! Or is it Batman? Depending on which state you’re reading this in, you might have a different answer.

The dedicated folks over at DiscoverGeek decided to ask Google the most important question ever: Batman or Puppies? After analyzing the data and compiling all the searches, they were finally able to come up with a state-by-state breakdown of what is the more searched term. Let’s break down the stats!

Batman Puppies
Height 6’ 2” Varies
Weight 210 lbs Varies
Powers & Abilities:
  • World’s Greatest Detective
  • Mastered 127 Styles of Martial Arts
  • Vast Fortune
  • “Because he’s Batman!”
  • Boundless Curiosity
  • Snuggles
  • Wet Nose
  • “Good Boy/ Girl”
Weaknesses: Women Stairs

Now Batman has been around for decades, but puppies have been around for millennia. So to make it fair, we are only counting the past 5 years. Additionally, since there are so many types of puppies, we’re just taking data of searches listed purely as “puppies” vs searches of “Batman”. And the winners are….

I mean…. did we have any doubt? The Dark Knight can do anything – “because he’s Batman” – but defeating puppies is beyond even his abilities. Thankfully, Batman has never had to face any puppy villains. Cat villains on the other hand, well that’s a Google Search for another day. Though it is interesting to note that major media states (ie: New York, California and Texas) all belong to Batman. That being said though, it was a crushing defeat for the Dark Knight as Puppies claim 39 out of 50 States.

But let’s be honest, life’s better with both puppies and Batman! So let’s not fight. You’re both “Good Boys” in our book!


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