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Batman: Michael Keaton Declares Himself as the Best Batman

Approximately 30 years ago, iconic actor Michael Keaton first donned the Batman cape and cowl, and to this day he is still said to be one of the best actors to portray the DC Hero. However, Keaton since then Keaton has taken on a couple dozen roles and more recently, a quite villainous one.

In a previous interview with Stephen Colbert, Colbert began naming all of Keaton’s iconic roles and when he got to Batman, Keaton let Colbert know that you never stop being Batman once you’ve put on that cape, you never really stop being the character.

“I am Batman,” Keaton stated during the interview

Well, Keaton was back on the interview circuit, this time with Jimmy Kimmel. And, once again, the actor asserted his status as to where he stands on the Batman hierarchy. Kimmel brought up the topic of Batman when trying to get the star to confirm that he was involved in the upcoming DC movie, The Flash. Keaton admitted that there have been talks, but intriguingly, he also joked that all “127” previous Batman actors will be featured in the film.

Kimmel then pressed him to name his favorite Batman and Keaton replied “me,” with an “isn’t it obvious?” kind of shrug.

The fact that he joked that countless Batman actors will feature as well makes us wonder if the various reports saying that Warner Bros. hopes to get Christian Bale, Val Kilmer and George Clooney back for cameos could pan out.

The actor first played the hero in the 1989 Batman movie which was directed by Tim Burton and will now be reprising the role more than thirty years later.

So, who is the best Batman? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

One thought on “Batman: Michael Keaton Declares Himself as the Best Batman

  1. My is Michael KEATON Best is Batman and good fighter save a City clarmelin of joker the jack Nicholson’s he is my favorite play in joker he is mean killing. Bankers and he is Best joker,

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