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Baby Driver’s Second Trailer is Somehow even more Incredible than the First

If you were looking forward to seeing Baby Driver after the film’s first trailer, you’re not alone. Buzz around the movie started building after the trailer wowed audiences and quickly became the talk of social media. Baby Driver stars Ansel Elgort, Jamie Foxx, Kevin Spacey, and Lily James and promises to take fans on the ride of a lifetime.

Baby, a talented getaway driver (played by Ansel Elgort) is more than just a bad ass behind the wheel. After an accident that left him with tinnitus, he’s constantly navigating through life with his own personal soundtrack and he’s also on the fast track to love after meeting the girl of his dreams. However, the old saying goes that only fools fall in love and when he decides to leave his life of crime behind, an insane amount of obstacles begin to present themselves.

If you’ve been to our conventions lately, you’ve seen the trailer playing between panels – if you haven’t, odds are you’ve seen it posted online. This movie will inevitably go down as a staple to pop culture. Not only is the premise incredible, but the cast is packed full of all stars and they mesh so well together – there couldn’t have been a better team for Baby Driver.

The second trailer just dropped and somehow it’s even more incredible than the first one. We know, it’s hard to imagine, but you can see it for yourselves.

Baby Driver was set for a late August release, but after the hype of the movie, it’s new date of premiere is June 28th. Looks like no one can wait to get in the audience of this one.

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