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Axis Replay Announces New All Female Stream Team

Published on July 29th, 2019 | Updated on July 29th, 2019 | By FanFest

Axis Replay is in the gaming business, and business is booming. We released information on their #GamersBeatCancer recently, and we have even more news on their next project. Axis Replay is assembling a stream team to be known as the AXR Valkyries. Easy to assume there is no coincidence in the connection to the feared female battlers of Asgard. The stream team will be all female and focus on empowering female streamers. Here is the press release.

ATLANTA, July 26 – Axis Replay will be hosting the AXR Valkyries Launch and Silent Disco Party on Aug 3. The party will be a silent disco event, where the AXR Stream Team Initiative will be announced. The first team from the initiative, the AXR Valkyries, will be revealed. Attendees will be able to enjoy local DJs, food, and beverages, all while watching the Valkyries live-stream games from the event.

The Valkyries are an all female stream-team local to the Atlanta area, comprised of celebrity-streamers Sarah ‘RobotGiggles’ Lewis, Anne ‘VioletStClaire’ St. Claire, and Lily ‘Tygarlily’ Mckinnon. The Valkyries aim to raise awareness towards female gamers and streamers in what is typically a male-dominated market and to positively impact the gaming, streaming, and cosplay communities, by hosting dynamic and curated events, making special appearances, and creating social media content.

“As a female CEO, especially in a male dominated industry, it was important to me to highlight and celebrate female gamers, and to choose brand ambassadors that really embodied that message of empowerment.” Said Allie Young, CEO of Axis Replay. “Axis Replay is an inclusive community, and what better way to show that inclusivity than to develop a streaming team from local Atlanta talent, lead by strong streaming personalities, that just happen to also be bad-ass women?”

The Stream Team Initiative, to be led by Tygarlily, will open its applications at the event. Applicants must have a minimum of 2,000 followers, and be willing to stream out of the Axis Replay facility for a minimum of two hours bi-weekly. Once selected as a member of the Stream Team, they will be able to enjoy exposure to the local communities, the streaming amenities at Axis Replay, free game time, and more.

For RSVP and more information on the AXR Valkyries Launch and Silent Disco Party, please contact David Kwak, Media Coordinator at or visit:

Make sure if you can go and check out Axis Replay at their website ( or on social media (Twitter- @AxisReplay and search Axis Replay on Facebook).

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