There’s An Awesome Daredevil Fan Poster Bringing Daredevil To The MCU

Daredevil was, arguably, the best of the Netflix MCU shows. Throughout three seasons and one terrible season of The Defenders, we saw Matt Murdock become the devil of hell’s kitchen. It had an awesome portrayal of Wilson Fisk by Vincent D’Onofrio, an amazing story, and best of all an amazing Daredevil. It’s practically a crime at this point that Matt Murdock hasn’t joined the MCU. Fans are hoping he shows up sooner rather than later and that it’s still Charlie Cox. There are some rumors that Cox will appear in the upcoming Spider-Man film. Fans think he will be portraying Peter Parker’s lawyer after his secret identity was outer. From there, well, writers already had an idea for a fourth season so maybe we can make that happen. Someone contact people who got the Snyder Cut restored. Check out the awesome Daredevil fan poster!

The poster was done up by a fan, Nuno Sardanas, to show his appreciation for Daredevil. I guess he was also a huge fan of Daredevil, eh? There’s a really cool detail if you pay attention to the poster, something we never would have gotten on Netflix. In the background, you can spot Avengers tower. This is definitely interesting considering the fact that the Avengers no longer own that building. Still, it’s a small detail and one I’m willing to overlook if it means we get Matt Murdock into the MCU. There’s actually also a theory surrounding that tower, fans think it might have been purchased by the Fantastic Four. Let’s not jump to conclusions, though. That really got us good when we theorized on Monica’s friend in WandaVision.

Still, Daredevil season four isn’t completely off the table. Now that Marvel has gotten the rights to their character back it’s only a matter of time until we see Daredevil make a return.  For now, this awesome Daredevil fan poster will do!

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