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“Aviators are back!” – Tom Cruise Reveals ‘Top Gun’ Sequel Title and New Details

Published on June 5th, 2017 | Updated on June 5th, 2017 | By FanFest

It’s been about two weeks since Tom Cruise let slip the fact that there is a Top Gun sequel in the works!  Cruise confirmed the exciting news on an Australian morning show called Sunrise after one of the hosts asked him about circulating rumors of a potential follow up to the classic film. Cruise confirmed that he expects to begin filming sometime within the next year!

At that time, no other details were known about the upcoming sequel but that all changed recently when Cruise sat down to chat with Access Hollywood, presumably mainly to discuss Cruise’s upcoming film The Mummy, which hits theaters this week.  But Access Hollywood’s Scott Evans couldn’t pass up the opportunity to ask Cruise a couple of questions about the Top Gun sequel.

During their conversation, Cruise confirms some cool details for the upcoming film.  First and foremost, “aviators are back!”  YES!  Dust off your old aviator sunglasses or run out and buy a pair because they are about to be cool again!

Cruise tells Evans that, much like the first film, the sequel will look the same, stylistically and will have the same tone as the 1986 classic original.  The film will have the same score as the first and will be a competition film within the same vein as the original but, with a clear progression for Cruise’s character Maverick.   Cruise promised big, fast machines, aircraft carriers and jets, lots of jets!

Cruise also revealed that, rather than go with the cliche title of Top Gun 2, the film will actually be called Top Gun: Maverick.  We love it!  Check out the clip from Access Hollywood below:

The original Top Gun focused on a Naval Fighter school where the best pilots go to sharpen their flying skills.  Cruise plays Maverick, a cocky and, at times, reckless hotshot pilot who is competing against other pilots like Iceman (Val Kilmer) to prove he is the best.  The film also stars Anthony Edwards as Goose and Kelly McGillis as Charlotte.

The film also was accompanied by an awesome soundtrack including hits like Kenny Loggins’ Danger Zone, and Berlin’s Take My Breath Away.

What do you think of the title for the upcoming Top Gun sequel?  Would you have called it something different?  Sound off on your thoughts about Top Gun: Maverick in the comment section below.

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