Shaun Hood

Shaun Hood is going to Northern Essex Community College in the fall. He has experience writing for his high school's online newspaper, The Pentucket Profile ( Outside of school, he enjoys going to conventions and exploring other ways to get involved in the shows he watches. Favorite franchises include Star Wars, The Walking Dead, Stranger Things, This Is Us, and Once Upon a Time.

‘Captain Marvel’ to Have First Female Composer in MCU

There are a lot of composers in the world of movie music. There's also a large number of them who have contributed to the music of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. On June 14, 2018, composer Pinar Toprak announced on Instagram (pictured below) that she will be composing the score for the upcoming Brie Larson Marvel superhero movie, Captain Marvel. According to Entertainment Weekly, in addition to being the first female composer of the MCU, Toprak is also the first female to compose any large-scale comic-based movie from any studio. Entertainment...
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