Sarah Leonard

Sarah is a comic loving junkie who takes pride in her nerd-ism. Growing up, she found herself drawn to the Batman comics and Philadelphia Sports. You never see her without a comic book or camera in her hand. Sarah loves photography, comics, and her family more than anything else in the world. <3

Fan Fest Fuzzies: Kira Gives Birth

After being on giraffe watch for what seemed like forever, many of us in the Philadelphia area have been on gorilla watch. Living close to this zoo and knowing all the care that went into this birth makes me proud.  On Friday June 2nd, Kira the 17-year-old western lowland gorilla and Motuba the 32-year-old Silverback gorilla welcomed a family member. Kira did not have an easy labor. After having a prolonged labor of 24 hours, a team of human doctors helped aid the zoo veterinarians in delivering this adorable baby....
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