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Kevin Carey is an unapologetic geek who strongly believes his mind works much like an episode of Community. Has a strong love for pop culture that focuses on TV, comics, movies, and books. Kevin also enjoys writing fiction and has self published a short story to Amazon. While awaiting his Hogwarts acceptance letter, Kevin lives on Long Island with his cat and extensive Pop Vinyl collection. You can find him here on Fan Fest, at his blog I Am Geek, or the I Am Geek Podcast spreading geekiness to all.

More Civil War II Teasers

With the promise of a new Captain America: Civil War trailer tomorrow (eeeeeeeeeee) it only makes sense that Marvel continues it's teaser campaign for this summers Civil War II. Since last weeks post Marvel has been leaking images to Comic Book Resources and Ign Comics almost daily. I would imagine that the characters being chosen are going to be key players, and if that's the case then I'm pretty pleased with the way things are shaping up. We know that Iron Man and Captain Marvel will be heading the respective...
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Better Call Saul “Gloves Off” Review

Spoilers ahead... One of the things I enjoy the most about Better Call Saul is how it's not trying to be Breaking Bad. The transformation of Jimmy into Saul is completely different than the transformation of Walter into Heisenberg. Obviously the two shows share a universe but it's clear that Saul also wants to exist on its own. This doesn't mean that the show can't borrow from Breaking Bad when it needs to, and the cold open to "Gloves Off" was a perfect example of when borrowing from Breaking Bad...
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‘Better Call Saul’ Preview ‘Gloves Off’ When we last left off it seems that Jimmy has himself in some pretty hot water. Going outside the permission of the firm to air that commercial has not only got himself in a bind but could potentially be detrimental to the career of Kim. If Breaking Bad has taught us nothing it's always the innocent bystanders who get it the worse. If this trailer is any indication it seems that Jimmy's career with Davis & Main is hanging by a thread, and if it goes belly up does...

Spider-Man #2 Review

Be careful as there are full spoilers ahead... When last we saw Miles Morales he was wielding Captain America's shield as the Avengers lay in a heap around him. Peter Parker Spider-Man appears right as things calm down wanting to know what Miles has done. Welcome to the main Marvel universe Miles Morales. Issue number two picks up right where we left off with Peter wanting to know what the deal is. Miles recaps his battle with the demon Blackheart, and much to his joy Peter believes him. What makes...

Civil War II Is Coming

It's coming. Not winter (unless you're pumped for season 6 of Game of Thrones in which case winter is indeed coming this April), but Marvel's next big event Civil War II which is set to kick off this summer alongside Captain America: Civil War. The first Civil War event was what drew me back into comic books so needless to say I'm pumped for this, but also a bit apprehensive. Would hate to see the legacy of the first series be tarnished. But that's a discussion for another day. Leading...

The Pull List 3/2/16

Hellooooooo fellow Geeklings and welcome to my new Fan Fest column, The Pull List! I'll be here every Wednesday, which just so happens to be my favorite day of the week, to discuss the books that you should consider putting on your pull list. Comic book day itself is enough to get excited about but it's way more exciting when you have books to look forward to. While I'll openly admit that I don't read all the books that I suggest, it doesn't mean that I don't know what books...
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Better Call Saul “Amarillo”

Careful full spoilers ahead... Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy. One of the toughest things about watching Better Call Saul is the bittersweet nature of it. On the one hand Jimmy McGill is completely likable, well in the "I would totally get a drink with that guy" kind of way. Better Call Saul plays up the underdog card pretty well, but the unfortunate thing is we the audience already knows where this train is docking. Yet it doesn't make it any less compelling to watch. This weeks episode, Amarillo, saw Jimmy continue...
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