Katie Anderson

Katie Anderson

Katie Anderson is good with the term nerd. When not running disability services for FanFest events, she lives in Atlanta, GA and plays a lot of video games. Her work has most recently appeared in Forbidden Future: A Time Travel Anthology. If you'd rather read more but in a shorter format, her Twitter handle is @kdidd.
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‘Outlander’ Recap: Through A Glass, Darkly

There’s a lot new in this season of Outlander- new locations, new complications, new wardrobe, even a new theme song and title sequence. But amidst all the newness is a welcome amount of old- Murtagh’s still a curmudgeon, Jamie is still beautifully sarcastic, Claire is still able to get into trouble at any given moment by pissing off the patriarchy, and Frank is still more than a wee bit spineless. While the rolling green hills of Scotland will be missed, a split story between Boston in 1948 and France in...
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‘Shadowhunters’ Recap: Malec

The title of Episode 12 may refer to the couple name of Magnus Bane and Alec Lightwood, a not-yet-a- couple that rates higher with fans than even Clary and Jace, but the episode is about so much more. There are relationships in every stage- new, old, broken, and strong- and they all weave together in an intricate web. Some will be created, some will be broken, some will be mended, but one thing is for certain- not a one of them will be boring to watch unfold. The highs: Magnus....
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‘Shadowhunters’ Recap: Blood Calls To Blood

Episode 11 puts everyone back in the real world after last episode’s questionable descent into madness, and viewers ought to be grateful for that. “Blood Calls To Blood” is a solid episode with significant plot revelations, deep character developments, and enough sarcastic quips to keep it from getting too heavy. There is a strong focus on relationships this time around, and some of the fan favorites definitely get their share of screen time. Fans of the books will be glad to see the plot making its way back to the...
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‘Shadowhunters’ Recap: This World Inverted

Episode 10, “The World Inverted,” is an interesting one for a number of reasons. There’s some major character development this week for Simon and Luke, a really bad week for Alec Lightwood, a fairly confusing week for Clary Fray/Fairchild, and a week that is a mix of all three for Magnus Bane. It’s also the first time the show has ventured away from the plotlines of the books. One rumor is that this is because Disney (who owns ABC and therefore also Freeform) wanted to do a little cross-promotion for...
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‘Shadowhunters’ Recap: Rise Up

Episode 8 may have lined up all the dominos, but episode 9 drops a nuclear bomb on them. This is the most gut-wrenching episode yet, and it comes from all sides. Simon rules the episode hands-down, but Izzy, Alec, and Jace bring some major gravitas of their own. There is huge fallout from the decisions made in Bad Blood, and none of it gets wrapped up here. Shadowhunters and Downworlders alike are facing a new world now, and emotions are at an all- time high. The highs: Simon. Now a...
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‘Shadowhunters’ Recap: Bad Blood

The last few episodes have moved so fast that it’s a wonder Freeform isn’t fielding complaints of whiplash from viewers. Episode 8 offers a break from trying to keep up with a racing plot, but doesn’t ease up on the emotional rollercoaster side of things. Instead, viewers are treated to an hour akin to watching 1000 dominos be lined up. The smallest unskilled movement could bring it all crashing down, but the anticipation of the inevitable collapse is exhilarating. There’s so many plot pieces carefully placed here- hearts on the...
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‘Shadowhunters’ Recap: Major Arcana

For all the pacing problems that plagued Shadowhunters early on, the show has sure figured out how to run with viewers now. Episode seven, “Major Arcana” sprints through three major plotlines (and a half- dozen minor ones) in an hour, all of which focus heavily on family. Izzy takes dramatic action to protect Alec from their parents, Clary pulls out one of the best plans yet to retrieve the Mortal Cup from her mother’s hiding place, and Simon’s continued spiral off the deep end of sanity (& humanity) finally draws...
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‘Shadowhunters’ Recap: Of Men And Angels

Coming on the heels of the biggest cliffhanger so far, “Of Men and Angels” opens with a bang. The teaser trailer for this episode promised viewers big action, and boy did it deliver. Nearly half the episode is vital backstory about Valentine and the origins of the Circle, but as the writers have finally figured out how to tell it in a way that keeps viewers’ interest, there’s nothing slow or weak about it. Warlock magic, flashbacks, werewolves, progressively-turning vampires, disapproving mothers- it’s all here. In fact, it took two...
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‘Shadowhunters’ Preview: Of Men And Angels

It looks like viewers get to hop back on board the Backstory Express with episode 6 of Freeform’s urban fantasy series, Shadowhunters. Previous trips have been fraught with plot-stopping stall outs and a few trips off the rails, but there’s hope around the bend nonetheless. The High Warlock of Brooklyn is at the controls, and there hasn’t been a scene yet that Magnus Bane hasn’t stolen with a snap of his magic-filled fingers. This time around, he’s got both the power and the information needed by the gang. Luke is...
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‘Shadowhunters’ Recap: Moo Shoo To Go

Trying to speak for all Shadowhunters fans is a dangerous thing, but one thing that the entire fanbase can probably agree on is that it’s nice to see the show finally able to keep up its momentum from week to week. Episode 4 was a solid ride from start to finish, and this week’s offering, “Moo Shoo To Go,” is no slouch either. New characters, new relationships, and new one-liners make this a high week for just about everyone. No episode is ever perfect, and this one has its low...
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