Emma Loggins

Emma Loggins

Emma Loggins has been covering entertainment news and geek culture since 2002 and is internationally recognized as "Geek Girl". She loves all things geekdom - and also runs a creative agency focused on developing web and marketing solutions for the entertainment and tech startup industries. She's the editor in chief with FanBolt and is honored to be an editorial consultant with the FanFest team!

‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Star Michael Rooker Reunites with Director John McNaughton on New Film

Guardians of the Galaxy star Michael Rooker is set to reunite with director John McNaughton, who gave Rooker his first feature role in 1986's critically-lauded Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer. McNaughton and Rooker are reuniting for the feature adaptation of Flannery O'Connor's literary masterpiece, A Good Man Is Hard to Find. A duel between O’Connor’s legendary characters, The Grandmother and The Misfit (to be played by Rooker), the film revisits familiar territory for Rooker and McNaughton, as O’Connor’s 1950’s character, The Misfit, is cut from the same cloth as...
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Fan Fest EXCLUSIVE: Josh McDermitt Talks “Eugene Brings the Sex”, ‘Twin Peaks’ Fandom, and More!

With Walker Stalker Con London just wrapping up, we had the chance to chat with Josh McDermitt about that last episode of The Walking Dead, the whole "Eugene Brings the Sex" trending topic, and we even asked about Twin Peaks - though Josh has been sworn to secrecy (we tried!). Emma: Let’s talk “Eugene Brings the Sex.” Tell me about the evolution of this. Josh: When I was doing the Talking Dead and they had the cliff for the next episode, it had Michonne and Rick scavenging for stuff and...
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