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Ashley Dye

'...but I knew him'

Scott Hamilton on Ongoing Cancer Battle ‘It Loves an Encore’

Scott Hamilton is a gold medalist, a motivational speaker, an author, and more than that - an absolute inspiration. You know him by his wins, by his story, and by his voice. Just hearing him speak is calming and that, in turn, is due to his voice, but also because of his spirit. For a man who has been through so much, he's never asked why me...never allowed himself to be broken, he may weaken, but he gets stronger, fights harder, and comes out on the other side with a new...

Matt Bomer Shares his Coming Out Story with OUT Magazine

Matt Bomer is one of those names in Hollywood who seem to have it all. He's talented, he's handsome, and he's extremely kind and personable. However, the road to happiness hasn't always been easy - there were years where he was unable to live his truth, and there's nothing that hinders one's potential more than that. For Matt, however, the journey to being able to live his truth gave him strength and allowed him time to build compassion. He started by coming out to himself, then to his loved ones,...

Blake Shelton calls Gwen Stefani ‘Tough’ After she Ruptures Eardrum

Gwen Stefani had a rough go after rupturing her eardrum on a flight from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. The injury kept her from a gig she had scheduled to perform at the 21st Keep Memory Alive Power of Love Gala. However, even with a ruptured eardrum, she remained in high spirits over the weekend and posted some things on Instagram including some on the set of The Voice. Take your kid to work day with a mom like Gwen must be pretty cool. Kingston seems to be enjoying...

Casting JonBenét Used ‘Unknowns’ in Casting for This Reason

The murder of JonBenét Ramsey was one of the most terrible murder stories in recent history. A young beauty queen was abducted and found dead in the days surrounding the Christmas Holiday and her distraught family soon found themselves as suspects in her murder case. What has transpired over the last 20 years is a media circus where the image of JonBenét has been used to sell a narrative rather than stand out as the true devastating story that exists behind the young beauty queen. While television and film can focus...

Five Beautiful Lyrics From Lea Michele’s Places Album

Lea Michele released her second studio album Places on April 28th and fans are still enthralled with the collection of songs. Lea is famous for writing about her experiences in life and love, but also putting her heart and soul into every single part of her career. From songwriting to performing and touring around the world - Lea loves her life and all the roads she's taken to get where she is now. From Glee to Broadway and her relationship with Cory Monteith up until the time of his tragic...
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