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Assassins Creed: Origins Finally Confirmed With Extensive & Exciting Changes To Franchise

Published on June 12th, 2017 | Updated on August 24th, 2017 | By FanFest

For years, Assassins Creed fans have been begging for a game set in Ancient Egypt. So you can imagine fans’ excitement when details began to leak about a possible Assassins Creed game titled AC: Origins that would be set in Ancient Egypt. Excitement swelled again when Ubisoft began to drop some hints at an upcoming announcement and today we got that news!

Assassins Creed Origins is not only happening but looks to be everything we wanted it to be and much MUCH more! There is so much information to sort through that I’ll have to make an in depth write up once it’s all in, but for now let’s touch upon the key points that have us immensely excited for this title.

Pushing The Limits Of Exploration – More Open World & More Ways To Interact:

If you’re wondering why this game is giving you so many flashbacks to Assassins Creed: Black Flag, then you should check out who the Game Director is: Ashraf Ismail. He previously led development on Black Flag and this game is truly that Black Flag’s successor in terms of open world. From vast canyon deserts to the sprawling wonder of the lush Nile Delta, this game has a tremendous world to explore; and once again the development team has pushed the envelope on what you can see and do.

In Assassins Creed, we couldn’t swim. In Assassins Creed 2, we could swim. In Assassins Creed: Black Flag we could sail and swim underwater at certain locations. In Assassins Creed: Origins, you can dive underwater wherever and whenever you please! Though this expanded maneuverability doesn’t come without dangers as this beautiful world also comes with numerous dangers from snakes, hippos, crocodiles, lions and hyenas. After all, we are in Egypt. Though fear not as you’ll also have the ability to tame animals. Forget a brotherhood, I want an army of animals!

Though you most trusted animal companion will be your eagle Senu. Instead of a sensory Eagle Vision, you will LITERALLY get “Eagle Vision” as you let Senu be your eyes and ears up above the action. You can additionally have Senu act as a distraction by attacking guards. Viewpoints will return, but a little differently as their primary use will be as Fast Travel points. Though with such a beautiful world and so many ways to travel across it – horse, camel, boat, chariot – would you really want to Fast Travel?

Pushing The Limits Of Battle – Weapon Pairings, Evading & Flammable Environment:

The combat system of Assassins Creed has always been something they’ve played around with. From chaining instant kills to enemies that could only be killed with a finisher, there’s never really been a happy medium for those wanting a challenge in combat. Well AC: Origins has completely changed up the combat system to the point that it actually looks like a Dark Souls or Bloodborne style game. Bayek – the main character – fights with impressive agility as he seamlessly dodges enemy attacks and swaps between weapon types as well as fighting styles. Though he’ll need that agility and versatility as the enemies in this game are the strongest yet.

This time around they want to kill you as enemies will work together and coordinate their attacks. Some enemy types will be fast and deadly while others will be shielded against your best attacks. What’s a founding member of the Assassins to do? Simple, change up his fighting style to counter theirs. And with numerous weapons, shields, darts, and bows – each with their own perks and play style – to cycle through at once, you will have everything you need to adapt to the situation at hand. Though with dual swords and bows that can fire 5 arrows at once, there is very little you can’t handle. Then again, if things to start to get heated, feel free to make them even hotter as Bayek will have the ability to set things on fire. From causing minor fires to distract guards to major fires to make them flee – or just blowing things up with oil trails – you can turn up the heat whenever you want!

Pushing The Limits Of What’s Possible – Actual Boss Battles & Strange Creatures:

One of the most out of place and yet really enjoyable parts of Assassins Creed series was in the Assassins Creed III DLC The Tyranny of King Washington. It was a “what if” story that not only saw evil George Washington but also gave our hero animal spirit super powers. It was loads of fun but didn’t really seem to fit in the Assassins Creed Universe. This trailer shows something similar as we see Bayek facing down what appears to be a basilisk (aka giant snake). Whether this is an actual monster or something caused by a Piece of Eden remains to be seen, but whereas it might not fit the usual idea of Assassins Creed, it certainly fits the idea of Ancient Egypt mythos – and looks REALLY COOL!!!! Though I think the most exciting part of this is that we will actually have set bosses and not just target after target. Ubiblog promises “boss fights against formidable warriors and strange creatures” and I can’t wait to beat them – after getting killed a few times because I was too busy admiring how cool they look!

My biggest complaint about AC: Unity and Syndicate was that they tried too hard to be Assassins Creed 2 and yet didn’t feel like it. Though AC Origins is undoubtedly it’s own entry and isn’t trying to emulate anything. And yet, I have major déjà vu to the wonderment and awe I got from first seeing Assassins Creed Black Flag – which again makes sense given the Game Director. Pirates and naval battles didn’t seem very “Assassins Creed”, and yet that was one of the best video games I’ve ever played. So if Assassins Creed: Origins is looking to remake the wheel while still giving us that Assassin Creed spirit of exploration and discovery, then all hail Ubisoft! You made the most of that year off and I cannot wait for October 27th!

*Image and Game Details Credit to UbiBlog


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