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Artist Imagines: What If Our Favorite ‘Game Of Thrones’ Couples Had Kids?

Let’s face it. Game of Thrones has never been much of a fairytale. Sure it has all the makings of a good fairytail (ie: Dragons, princesses, evil queens and former villains turned heroes), but our hopes of this show having a happy ending went out the window around the time we saw a small boy get pushed out a window in the first episode. Our dreams of a magical wedding were killed of when everyone was killed at a wedding. But what if we could have our happy ending? What if our favorite couples DID get together, live happily ever after and have a kid?

Well that is precisely what the talented graphic designer Ben Buckley at VoucherCloud set out to do! Over the course of the show, we’ve gotten many great potential couples and Ben has taken the time to envision what each couples child would look like from a design perspective. From combining genetic traits to inheriting armor sets, a lot of vision went into this project and the results are so amazing we wish we could get that fairytale / Disney ending – at least for one of these couples!

Take the ‘fan-ship’ that puts the “Power” in “Power Couple” Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow. Sure Rhaegar being Jon’s father makes Daenerys his aunt, but we’ve seen much worse in this show (I’m looking at you Cersei, Jaime and especially YOU Craster!) So put that aside for a moment and think of that child’s style and look. As a Targaryen, she’ll definitely have control of dragons, but as a member of house Stark, she’ll also be raised with an affinity for wolves.

Artist Imagines: What If Our Favorite ‘Game Of Thrones’ Couples Had Kids?

Physically, she’d most likely inherit the dark hair of the Starks, but like embers waiting to reignite, there’s sure to be some blond/ white streaks in her hair thanks to the Targaryen side of her. As for her sense of style, you can be sure she’ll inherit her mother’s pure/ regal nature, but also have respect for her father’s life and wear the Stark crest and some embellishments reminiscent of his time in the Night’s Watch.

Though Daenerys and Jon aren’t the only potential ‘power couple’ in this series. Take Tormund and Brienne for example. Sure the extent of their relationship has just been a bunch of one-sided flirting and stares from Tormund, but you have to admit if they ever did get together and had a kid, that kid would be an extraordinary warrior! Pairing the ruthless strength of a Free Folk leader with the dedication and skill of House Tarth’s greatest warrior would be an unstoppable combination! Sure the ‘free’ and ‘adherence to rules’ mentalities might conflict, but at the heart both give loyalty.

Artist Imagines: What If Our Favorite ‘Game Of Thrones’ Couples Had Kids?

Their child would be a firecracker that would certainly keep the assorted “whatever works” look of her father just with more armaments like her mother. And speaking of her mother, due to Brienne’s fierce unwavering loyalty, it’s likely she’d name her daughter after Catelyn Stark and instill in her the importance of keeping her word, thus passing down the Oathkeepeer sword to her as well.

There are plenty of other amazing Game of Thrones power couple children to be seen, so be sure to check out the original article and the rest of Ben’s amazing work on VoucherCloud. Maybe Brienne and Jaime will actually get together. Or perhaps Daenerys and Jorah. Maybe miracles will happen and Missandei and Greyworm can have a kid! Chances are, Ben has at least one of your dream ‘ships’ covered!