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Arrowverse: Remembering the Crossover Events of the Past

Arrowverse: Remembering the Crossover Events of the Past

Ever since the freshman year of The Flash, the Arrowverse was never the same as every November, fans are treated to a crossover event. These events are always really fun and great episode, and this year, it promises to be the biggest and best with ‘Crisis on Earth-X.’ Unlike its predecessors, ‘Crisis on Earth-X’ is like a four hour TV movie instead of individual episodes. This year will also feature the most heroes on screen at one time, amassing an impressive 2o aboard the Waverider.

As we prepare for the event that kicks off tonight with Supergirl and Arrow, it’s time to look back at the crossovers of the past that have led to this moment.

‘Flash vs Arrow’ (2014)

Arrowverse: Remembering the Crossover Events of the Past
Image: The CW

The first ever crossover event was a treat as we saw a mind-manipulated Flash take on Arrow. It was great fun to see the two square off in the first part of the crossover on The Flash. During Arrow, Barry and company traveled to Star City to help Team Arrow fight Captain Boomerang. Both episodes were good hours of television.

‘Legends of Today’/’Legends of Yesterday’ (2015)

Arrowverse: Remembering the Crossover Events of the Past
Image: The CW

This crossover was once more between The Flash and Arrow, but it succeeded in setting up Legends of Tomorrow. The two-parter introduced us to Vandal Savage, who would go on to become the main antagonists of Season 1 of Legends, as well as bring in the Hawks. These two episodes provided a bit more emotion than the previous year as Oliver found out and met his son for the first time. We also had to watch everyone die, which is never fun.

‘Invasion!’ (2016)

Arrowverse: Remembering the Crossover Events of the Past
Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW –

The ‘Invasion’ event ramped it up to 11, bringing together the most heroes together at one time (thus far) and provided three hours of awesomeness. In the first hour, we got incredible fight scenes as everyone but Barry and Oliver were under mind control and forced to fight them. The second hour had Team Arrow whisked away by the aliens to be studied and locked inside a fake world (and also served as a celebration of Arrow‘s 100th episode). The third concluded the event and had the team fighting off an invasion. Three solid episodes, one epic crossover.

‘Crisis on Earth-X’ has a lot to live up to, but I certainly think that’s it’s going to do it’s job. From the trailers to some cast interviews, it seems like this year is going to be heavy on the action and emotion. I can’t wait.

The crossover event ‘Crisis on Earth-X’ begins tonight with Supergirl and Arrow and concludes tomorrow with The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow.

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