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‘Arrow’: Will Oliver’s Dark Secret change Arrow Forever?

Published on April 17th, 2017 | Updated on April 17th, 2017 | By FanFest

A few weeks ago, in the Arrow episode titled ‘Kapiushon‘, we learned Oliver’s deepest and darkest secret of all. Whilst being tortured by Adrian Chase (Prometheus), Oliver finally reached his breaking point and outwardly confessed that he had dropped as many bodies as he had over the years because he ‘wanted to’ and because ‘he liked it’. Let me start off by saying that during the entire episode, all I kept thinking about was how stellar and phenomenal the performance by Stephen Amell was. After playing the character of Oliver Queen for 5 years, Stephen has fully encompassed and committed to capturing all that makes up the character of the Green Arrow.



Given this latest revelation, does that mean that Arrow will be forever changed? In a discussion with Diggle, Oliver stated that the reason as to why he wanted to disband his team is because Prometheus made him realize that the entire crusade was based on a lie. It was never about doing right by the city or completing a promise he made to his father, it was because it gave him an excuse to keep killing people. Thankfully, Diggle was able to reach out to Oliver and convince him that Prometheus was wrong, and Oliver’s ‘quest’ really did do some great things for Star City from Day One. Before Oliver returned home, it was full of corrupted leaders. Now, Oliver has given the city something that it was craving for so long, hope.

So will this dark revelation change Arrow forever? I mean, it cost Oliver the loyalty of Evelyn, one of his former teammates… but will anyone else follow in her footsteps? One thing we have seen for sure is that Adrian Chase is excellent at manipulating people, and that he has it out for Oliver with a relentless hate.

The debate has been all over social media since ‘Kapiushon’ aired, and its still continuing strong to this day. If I had to give my personal opinion I would say… no, it will not. I would have to argue that given all that Team Arrow has been through together, they’re not going to let anything stand in their way. Sure, Evelyn may have fallen off the grid but to be honest, she was sketchy with Oliver from the beginning. Last season when she stole Laurel’s sonic scream device and attempted to assassinate Damien Darhk’s wife, she also originally accused Oliver and his team for ‘leaving them to die’ when her family was trapped and being used as Damien Darhk’s guinea pigs for his ‘Genesis’ plan.

However, just because Evelyn jumped ship doesn’t mean that everyone else is going to. Diggle and Felicity have been with Oliver since the very beginning, and are Oliver’s best friends. Captain Lance isn’t going anywhere, and he’s been dealing with Oliver’s ‘killer instincts’ long enough to just go with the flow with it. Thea, aside from being his sister, has dealt with the ‘blood lust’ issue herself before, so if anything she is going to be the most understanding of it all.

Although Curtis, Dinah and Renee are new to the team… they all joined because they believe in Oliver. Earlier in the season when Oliver confused his original plan and showed them the list, his team was shocked. Evelyn may have left, but the rest stuck it out with him… which is one of the main reasons why I believe that even with this new revelation, Oliver’s team is going to stand behind him no matter what.

So while Prometheus is doing all that he can to make it appear as though The Green Arrow is really Public Enemy Number One and turn Star City against Oliver, he’s not going to change the dynamic and the heart of Team Arrow.


Arrow will return on Wednesday, April 26th at 8PM/EST on The CW.


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