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Arrow ‘Unchained’ Recap

Published on February 5th, 2016 | Updated on February 6th, 2016 | By FanFest

After many months of seeing
Facebook photos, tweets on Twitter, and
hearing the rumors on the panels at
Heroes and Villains fanfest,
Colton Haynes
finally returned to the set of Arrow.

Not only did we
get Roy back, but
we also were
in for a treat with the return of Nyssa Al Ghul. Earlier in Season
Malcolm sent Nyssa to the leagues
version of prison after she destroyed the
Lazarus Pit. Nyssa appeared
nothing short of relentless, the only
thing on her
mind- revenge. Welcome back, Nyssa! You were also dearly

Image: The

‘Unchained’ then continued with
Team Arrow closing in
on a target, a burglar more
specifically. I couldn’t help
but find it quite humorous and entertaining
that Felicity took pure joy out of

calling everyone by their code names while they were on a mission. How can
not love Felicity? She
certainly does bring joy to the show!

When Thea
finally catches up to
the burglar, she appears to be
extremely weak and she
nearly falls off the building after losing her
balance. Unfortunately, the
does get away, but I was extremely relieved to see that Oliver we able
get to Thea in time. I’m not
going to lie, it really tugged my heartstrings
to see Thea laying in that
hospital bed again. We remember
when Thea was in the
hospital following her confrontation with Ra’s Al Ghul
back in Season

have followed quite a number of television shows through the years,
every time I see Stephen Amell and
Willa Holland in a scene together it
brings me pure joy to see that they can
create this beautiful, on set
as brother and sister!

Following Oliver visiting Thea in
the hospital,
Oliver finds
himself in a chase with the burglar once again. I have to say, I
was quite
surprised when it was revealed to
us that Roy was the burglar. Even
though Roy managed to get away from Oliver
a second time, third time was
charm. Oliver was able to bring Roy down with a tranquilizer arrow,
after Roy
attempted to steal yet
another piece of technology for a mysterious, calculating



Image: The CW

Speaking of ‘calculating’ let me take a

second to talk about our
newest villain, The Calculator. His skills and
personality remind me very
much of The Clock King, yet their
grand plans are
very different. The Clock King, was our small-scale villain.
The Calculator
comes in with
this grand, wicked plan to kill thousands of people. I would say
pretty calculating! He may be one of
the toughest villains that we have
been introduced to, however, he was still
no match for our Felicity!
Thanks to
the tireless efforts set forth by Team Arrow, they were able to
foil The
Calculator’s plans.
Not only did they succeed, but Roy looked pretty awesome
zip lining from the
explosion! I can’t even get
over how awesome it was having
Arsenal back, even though it was only for one

I have a feeling

that even though Team Arrow was successful in halting The Calculator’s plan

that almost resulted in the
deaths of thousands in Star City, we have not seen
the last of him yet.
Especially since we now know that he
is actually
Felicity’s father! Once again, I give praise to the writers of
Arrow for that
plot twist. I
did not see that coming at all!

The Mayoral

if Oliver hadn’t encountered
enough drama due to his
decision to run for mayor, we have a new curveball.
Ruve Adams, wife of Damien

Darhk, is now running against Oliver in the race for the office of mayor.
Alex showed Oliver the
picture of his opponent, it seemed as though Oliver’s
heart stopped for a
minute. I certainly don’t blame
him! Back when Oliver first
met Damien (as Oliver Queen) Damien threatened
that if Oliver didn’t ‘leave

the bay as it was’ that he would no longer be running unopposed. At first
made me think that Damien
would probably run for mayor himself, but with Oliver
calling him out in the
mid-season finale, that can no
longer be the case. Team
Arrow is more than likely the only ones who know
that Ruve Adams is really the

wife of Damien Darhk. Let the race for the office of mayor



I know I briefly touched on
what happened to Thea
earlier, but I wanted to go a bit
more in-depth. I really
do feel for Thea. After being brought back by means
of The Lazarus Pit, Thea has

been at a constant battle with this blood lust. Thea stated before that she
Darhk had cured her when
he attempted to use his magic on her and failed. Thea,
since then, has
refused to follow instruction of her
father, which is to kill
another human being so that her blood lust will go
away. Thea knows that killing

another human would be an instant cure for her, but she refuses to be like
father. She refuses to
give in to the darkness. Thea is as strong as they get,
and I can only hope
that the pain Thea is going
though will


Meanwhile, back on Lian
Yu, Oliver
continues to be subjected to torture by Reiter and his men. Oliver

hallucinated and saw Shado, and she tells
him that he must overcome this battle
with his darkness, and to do that, he
must forgive himself and earn the

forgiveness of Tianna. When Oliver comes to, we see Tianna nursing him back
health. Oliver finally
breaks, telling her that it was actually him who killed
her brother, Vlad
and not Conklin. Tianna begins to
sob, and the scene cuts out.
Tianna seems like a sweet person, and I am
willing to bet she realizes that

Oliver was tricked into doing it by Conklin. I really do like the
this season, and I love how
they tie in together with what is currently going on
in Star City. I
especially love how Stephen is able to
go back and forth with
his presentations of flashback Oliver and present day
Oliver. I look forward to

seeing what Stephen and the writers are going to be bringing to the table
the remainder of the

Image: The

So what now??

‘Unchained’ ends with
Oliver at
Thea’s bedside in the hospital,
with Nyssa presenting a proposal to
Oliver. Nyssa has a cure to the side
affects of the Lazarus pit, which
acquired from Katana (amazing debut!) but in order for Nyssa to give it
Oliver, he has to follow
her conditions. He must kill Malcolm

Now, Oliver may be
facing the most difficult decision of
life. Should he decide to take up Nyssa’s offer and go to war with
Merlyn and the League of
Assasin’s when he may need Malcolm’s help in the war
with Damien Darhk? Or
should he keep his alliance with
Malcolm and the league
and attempt to find another way to cure

Talk about a difficult




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