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‘Arrow’: Team Arrow will NOT be adding any new Members in Season 6

Published on July 28th, 2017 | Updated on July 28th, 2017 | By FanFest

Last year, the fifth season of the hit CW Series Arrow began with Oliver searching for some new and trustworthy teammates to assist him on his quest to save Star City. He had previously lost Laurel to Damien Dark, Diggle to the Army and Thea to fight her own demons… leaving him with just himself and Felicity.

After weeks of begging Oliver to find help, Oliver eventually opened his heart and welcomed Wild Dog, Evelyn, Curtis and Rory to his team. Following Diggle’s return, it could not have been more perfect. After being betrayed by Evelyn, who elected to join up with Prometheus, Oliver sought our Dinah, who became our new Black Canary.

Season 5 ended with quite the bang, leaving almost every single member of Oliver’s team in question. The only official confirmed survivors at this point and time are Oliver and William (who were on the boat), along with Black Siren, Dinah, Deathstroke and Wild Dog. These survivors were only just confirmed in the Season 6 trailer, which was released at SDCC. Although, when we learned that Dinah and Wild Dog would be Season 6 regulars… we knew they would be making it anyway, thankfully!

One question that has been raised as a follow-up as to who survived Season 5, is who might be added to the team if our current heroes don’t make it back home.

“Regardless of what the size of the team is, post-season 5, we are not looking right now to add additional people to it,” executive producer Marc Guggenheim told at Comic Con last week.

Speculation as to who might die has been flying around, based off of the SDCC trailer in addition to panel and press appearances. The trailer heavily implies Samantha’s death, which would certainly result in an incredibly strained relationship between Oliver and William. Another speculated death is that of Captain Lance (Paul Blackthorne), who did not appear in the trailer nor was present for any of the panels or press appearances.

Fingers crossed that he just had a busy film schedule, we’ve lost way too many Lances in the Arrowverse already.

Arrow will return October 12th at 9pm on the CW.


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