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Arrow ‘Sins of the Father’ Recap

Published on February 10th, 2016 | Updated on February 10th, 2016 | By FanFest

“Use that hate to do what needs to
be done. You have to kill


I have to
say that after all the episodes this season, ‘Sins of
the Father’ has got to be,

hands down, my favorite episode. It had a consistent flow of action, and the

story-line itself was
phenomenal. There was not a point or time when I was not
on the edge of my
seat, and I mean that literally.
For the majority of the
episode I was on the edge of my seat. I cannot even
explain how pumped this

episode has me for the rest of Season 4.

The battle for the
position of Ra’s Al Ghul, the demons head, kicked
off with Nyssa presenting
an offer to Oliver. She has the
cure to Thea’s blood
lust, and it is called The Locust. She will give Oliver
the cure for Thea, on
condition that he kills Malcolm Merlyn. Oliver’s reaction was that it was

Nyssa’s war, not his. Oliver’s
first question was mine as well. Would Nyssa
really only cure Thea if
Malcolm were to die? After all, it was
Nyssa’s father
who was the one who tried to kill Thea as a motive for Oliver
to come and take
his place
as Ra’s Al Ghul. Nyssa unwillingly admitted that she would not be able
defeat him but Oliver, who in the
league’s eyes is still her husband,

Image: The

If we were to
rewind back to
Season 1, we would remember how
much Oliver grew to despise
Malcolm once he learned what his plans for The
Glades were. They were mortal

enemies. Following the foiling of Malcolm’s plans, and after learning that

Malcolm Merlyn was Thea’s
father, Oliver found himself allowing Malcolm into his
life more often. He
even rescued Malcolm from the
League of Assassins prison.
Throughout this episode tonight, we could see
that hate rising to the surface

once more. Now, considering how the episode ended with Malcolm revealing to

Damien Darhk after being
tricked into a plan by Oliver that Oliver has a son and
his name is William,
it is only a matter of time
before the two clash blades
again; this time as sworn enemies once more.

Nyssa VS Malcolm: The battle for the ring of


Nyssa has been after
Malcolm’s blood since she learned that he
was the one who was responsible for

the death of her beloved, Sara Lance. After being kept Malcolm’s prisoner
for an
extreme amount of time,
allowing that hate to stew, she is on a quite a vengeful
path. After Nyssa
and Oliver’s meeting in Thea’s
hospital room, Laurel presents
Nyssa with an alternative plan. Laurel
suggests that Nyssa give Team Arrow the

locust, in exchange for Malcolm’s ring, so that Nyssa may take control of
League of Assassins. Nyssa
agrees to the terms.

Nyssa and
Laurel meet Malcolm, Oliver and
Diggle in
an uncharted area of Star City to begin the exchange. Malcolm
appeared in full
battle gear, and
Nyssa even commented on his appearance. Malcolm claimed that it
was just for
ceremony. At first, I sincerely
believed that Malcolm was going to
just hand over the ring to Nyssa, to save
Thea’s life. I was proven wrong,
Malcolm slid the ring back on his finger and called for his assassins to
Nyssa and her small
team of assassins. Nyssa and Malcolm began their own sword
fight, and at one
point Malcolm had Nyssa nearly
defeated. Nyssa and her troops
retreated, and Oliver and his team were
successful in blocking Malcolm’s

advances to chase after Nyssa. Oliver grows enraged with the thought that

Malcolm could be so selfish.
How could he desire power over the life of his own
daugher? I don’t blame
Oliver. I would be quite infuriated
as well.

Laurel later finds
Nyssa, and
tries to convince
her to come back with her. Laurel, Nyssa, and Nyssa’s group
are ambushed by
a bunch of Merlyn’s assassins.
Their small civil war continues
out into the public streets of Star City,
where there are a few civilian

casualties. Nyssa is tranquilized by Team Arrow, and taken back to their

Later, Oliver finds Malcolm at
Thea’s bedside,
where Malcolm tells Oliver that
Thea may only have until
sunrise. He shares with Oliver a small, touching
story about an exchange that

Malcolm himself had with Thea when she was a baby. I really do love seeing
kinder, more gentle side
of Malcolm. I wouldn’t exactly call this a ‘Malcolm-
centric’ episode, but I
really did love seeing John
Barrowman get as much screen
time as he did this episode. Malcolm is such a
complicated character, and John

Barrowman displayed all the characteristics of Malcolm Merlyn perfectly. You
tell how much the role
of Malcolm Merlyn means to him as an actor. He really did
do an astounding
performance. I also love his
scenes with Stephen Amell. The two
actors really work together beautifully,
and I hope that we get to see
some more
screen time with the two of them together.

on, Oliver asks Malcolm how he would feel if there was a way
for them to
save Thea’s life, and for Malcolm to
still be able to keep his ring.
Malcolm says he doesn’t see how that is
possible, but it appears as though he
very interested at the possibility.

Oliver tells Malcolm
to challenge Nyssa in a trial by combat, in
order to settle this civil war
once and for all. In Oliver’s
eyes, it started
with Nyssa and Malcolm, and it should end that way. No more
civilian or innocent


Nyssa and Malcolm

prepare to face off on a
rooftop, surrounded by Team Arrow and multiple members
of the League of
Assassins. Nyssa and Malcolm raise
their blades to start the
fight, but Oliver steps forward. He proclaims that
in the eyes of the league,

Nyssa is his wife, and he wants to fight on her behalf. Nyssa seems hesitant
first, saying that she
has never before allowed anyone to fight her battles for
her. You could see
in Nyssa’s eyes that even though
her mission was for revenge,
she genuinely cares for Oliver and his family.
Which I adore and admire.

Oliver and Malcolm begin to
and at this point, I was
nearly falling off my seat with excitement. Oliver
caught Malcolm by
surprise, disarming him and leaving
Malcolm on his knees. Just
when you think Oliver is about to do the
expected, and kill Malcolm, he

surprises us once more. He cuts off Malcolm’s hand, and then knocks Malcolm

unconscious. He removes the
ring from Malcolm’s severed hand, and gives it to
Nyssa, stating that she is
now Ra’s Al

After Thea recovers
successfully all thanks to the locust,
request to meet with Oliver and Laurel. In an unexpected term, Malcolm
is also
called to the
meeting. Nyssa takes the ring off of her finger, and for a second,
I thought
that she was going to give it
back to him. Judging by Malcolm Merlyn’s
face, I suspect he thought the same
thing. Instead, Nyssa threw the
ring into
the goblet of fire in front of them, melting the ring. Nyssa says
that not only
would there no
longer be a Ra’s Al Ghul; there would no longer be a League of

Nyssa reveals that she
has disbanded the league, and dismissed
all of the members. I love how out
this path of vengeance, came a beautiful result. Nyssa is free, and she
knows she does not need to
be the person that her father made her feel she could
only be. I hope that
Nyssa sticks around, as I really
do love her character. I
would love to see her and Laurel rekindle their
friendship that they formed

during Season 3.

Nyssa walks
and Malcolm turns to face
Oliver. He tells Oliver that he once thought of Oliver
as a son to him, and
that is not the reason he will
not kill him. Nor is it
because he is Thea’s brother. But because death
would be a mercy for what
has planned for him. I suppose Malcolm did not take the news of the
being disbanded and him having no
chances of having power again very well
at all. He storms off, leaving the
impression that he and Oliver are
once again

So not
only does Oliver
have Damien
Darhk to content with, but now he has Malcolm Merlyn as well. I
would like
to believe that since Thea is
Oliver’s sister, Malcolm would still
care about Oliver’s well being.
However, that may not be the case at
all. In the
conclusion of the episode, Malcolm is seen meeting with Damien
Darhk. I felt as
though this
episode carried a lot of shocking moments and turning events, but
for me the
biggest shocker of the night was
when Malcolm revealed to Damien that
it was not Felicity who was the one
that Oliver cared about the most,
but it was
Oliver’s son, William.


Image: The CW

Seeing Felicity

reconnect with her long-lost
father was a very sweet sight. It may have made
Felicity feel slightly
awkward, considering she hadn’t seen
her father since she
was seven years old. Despite what choices that her
father exploited in his past,
those few minutes of seeing them having coffee together, was highly


I was very caught off
guard when Felicity’s
father revealed that he found out
that Felicity was
Overwatch, revealing himself to her as The Calculator.
Now, I thought a
revelation like
this would indicate that he was trying to establish a clean,
relationship with Felicity. I mean, he
was coming completely clean to
her, right? I was very


moment did not last long. Felicity confided in her mother, Donna, that

Felicity’s father had come to Star
City and that he wanted to patch things up
with her. Donna told Felicity
that everything her father did was
for a reason,
and even though he may seem to have an innocent agenda, not to
trust him.

My heart broke when Felicity had
her father come
to her office, after discovering
that in his first ‘all access’
visit to Palmer Tech, he planted an IR burst
device in an attempt to steal

valued information. Even though she set it up as a trap for him, I think she

genuinely thought he had
changed for the better. And that absolutely broke my
heart. As Felicity
wheeled away, Detective Lance and
some of his men apprehended
The Calculator. You could hear Felicity’s father
begging her not to do it, as he

watched her disappear from his life, seemingly forever. But if I know
about the writers of
Arrow, it is that they love to keep us in suspense. I have
a feeling we will
be seeing The Calculator again
real soon. This is not the end
for the Smoak family.

I adore
Oliver seems to always find a way to cheer Felicity up, and it was
adorable that he asked
her to marry him again. And by that, he means have the
wedding sooner rather
than later. Andy is back, Thea
is healthy once more and
Sara has come back from the dead. Everything is
falling into place, and Oliver

feels like there is no better time than the present… at least for right



Oliver is
still stuck in his prison cell with an extremely unhappy Tianna.
Oliver tries
explaining to
Tianna what happened between him and Vlad. He explains that Vlad
him, and he had no choice but to
defend himself. He shows Tianna the
stone with the mysterious encryptions,
and Tianna swipes it from him. She
to Reiter attempting to exchange the stone for her freedom. Reither
the stone from her,
and orders her to make sure Oliver is nursed to perfect
health, at the price
of her own life.

I’m curious to see where this
one goes. Tianna revealed
about an old Russian saying, and its making me wonder… is she
the key to
Oliver becoming a
member of the Bravata? We know that at some point and time
Oliver becomes a
Captain for the bravata, so it
would be very interesting to see
where this goes!

So what


All in all, ‘Sins of
Father’ was a fantastic
episode. It carries all the elements of a phenomenal
episode. As I stated in
the beginning, this was, by far,
my favorite episode of
Season 4. I’m curious to see where this is headed,
especially now that Malcolm
the audacity to reveal crucial information about Oliver’s personal life to

Damien Darhk. So not only does
Oliver have to deal with Damien Darhk and his
catastrophic plans for Star
City, but now he has to worry about
Malcolm Merlyn.
Merlyn knows everything about Oliver. Everything! What are
the chances that
reveals to Damien that Oliver Queen really is The Green


‘Sins of the Father’
revealed that we cannot dwell in the shadows
of a sinner. Oliver’s father
by throwing in with Malcolm in an attempt to destroy the glades.
Nyssa’s father
sinned by wielding
the characteristics of a ruthless leader, carrying on the
leagues murderous
and treacherous ways. Malcolm
sinned, by putting his own
selfish needs ahead of the life of his daughter.
A morally broken decision.

Despite all these sins, a
shone through the shadows.
Oliver, despite his father’s sins, came back to his
family after 5 years in
hell and still continues to look
after those he loves
most. Nyssa got rid of the evil and treachery in her
life caused by her father,
disbanding all the men that her father forced to commit horrendous acts of

violence. While Malcolm’s sins may
never be forgiven, there was one thing, or
one person, who was born despite
all of his sins. Thea. Thea,
regardless of who
her father is or whatever sins he has committed, will
continue to be Oliver’s
supporter on his quest to protect his city. There is no greater calling
a sister than that. Thea
represents the light in Malcolm, and hopefully, she
will be the one to bring
him back to it.

I cannot wait to see what the upcoming episodes
have in store for us!
This is
turning out to be the best season of Arrow yet!!!!

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