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Arrow Showrunner Reveals Significant Moment for Fifth Season Finale

Published on December 6th, 2016 | Updated on December 6th, 2016 | By FanFest

Marc Guggenheim, Arrow’s top guy, has revealed an occurrence that will happen in this season’s finale in an interview with TVLine.

**Spoiler Alert!**


The very last flashback will be Oliver seeing the boat that rescued him 5 years ago.

“Spoiler alert. That’s going to end up being the Season 5 finale,” It was really just a hope at that point that the show would run five years, and we always thought that we would intercut the final moment of the series with the first moment of the series, that it would form one big Moebius strip.” The flashbacks have run out, but there is apparently no end to Arrow as of now unless it’s not picked up for season 6.

Image: The CW

“There’s still a part of me that wishes we could do that,” he continued. “But I wouldn’t want to artificially extend the flashbacks, and I also wouldn’t want to artificially cut the show short. It would’ve been a beautifully elegant thing, and Five Years Ago Me would’ve loved it. But things change, and I do think it’ll make the Season 5 finale pretty awesome. That means we’re still going to get that return to the pilot episode’s flashback, it just isn’t going to mark the end of the series.”



 “Look, we have some incredibly clear plans for what we want to do in the Season 5 finale,” Guggenheim said. “At the same time, we always leave ourselves room to be like, ‘…and throw this cliffhanger in, throw that twist in.’ Usually, the craziest ideas on this show tend to be the ones that the ideas sort of linger, and we never really quite set on them. Like, ‘Oh, maybe we’ll kill off Tommy?’ We don’t fully commit until we’re pretty much breaking the episode.”


Credit: TVLine


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