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‘Arrow’ Recap ‘Who Are You?’

Published on January 26th, 2017 | Updated on January 26th, 2017 | By FanFest

After almost a month of waiting, the anticipated mid-season premiere finally aired. It played out just as I had hoped; perfectly packed with action and suspense.

The episode picks up right where we ended last, with ‘Laurel’ standing in front of the cases in the Arrow Cave; surprisingly very alive and well. Oliver, confused and awe struck, states that it’s impossible… he watched Laurel die right before his very eyes. Laurel stated that she was alive because Sara used the Wave Rider’s time jumping technology and rescued her from Damian’s clutches. Before any further discussion can be held, they are interrupted when Felicity walks in the cave. Felicity, excited, rushes to hug Laurel; proclaiming that it is a miracle.

Laurel explained to both Oliver and Felicity about how Sara and the rest of the legends team brought her back from the dead. Laurel asked multiple times what she had missed in the past nine months, to which Oliver mentioned that Lance was now in rehab. Felicity then remembered her original reason for coming down to the Arrow cave; to inform Oliver that Diggle was arrested and back in prison.

Image: The CW

Oliver visited Diggle in prison and informed him of Laurels return, and explained to him that they were slowly going to bring her up to speed. He then told Diggle that he might know a good attorney to help Diggle out with his current situation.

At Laurels welcome home party, Laurel called Thea to inform her that she was back. Rory and Felicity shared a brief heart to heart moment on the fact that they both found it weird that they were celebrating, when Billy was just killed. Curtis and Wild Dog talked about how they should focus on finding Prometheus. Oliver toasted to Laurel’s return (Laurel grabbed a glass of water instead of champagne), but it appeared as though Felicity was still slightly suspicious about Laurel’s sudden return. It wasn’t like the Legends to alter the timeline and bring someone from the dead.

Back at the Arrow Cave, Rory stumbled upon Felicity sampling Laurel’s DNA off of the water glass she was drinking out of. The DNA wound up being a match, which leads to Rory joking that it is probably Laurel’s evil twin. Felicity freezes, stating that Laurel DOES have an evil twin; but she is supposedly locked up in STAR Labs.

Just as Felicity makes to call Cisco, a familiar sonic scream echoes through the Arrow Cave. Felicity and Rory look up to see Laurel walking towards them stating ‘Finally someone figured it out’, revealing that it is in fact Black Siren, Laurel’s doppelganger from Earth 2. Oliver rushed in just in time to save the day, firing an Arrow at her. Black Siren flees the Arrow Cave, and Oliver realized also that it was not their Laurel.

The team gathers in the Arrow Cave, and Felicity pulled up security footage of Prometheus freeing Black Siren from STAR Labs.

Promethus confronted Black Siren, and threatened her life if she were to fail him once more. It was not her place to kill Oliver and his friends, and that her life hangs in his clutches.

At the mayoral office, Oliver brings in Adrian Chase and convinced him to take on Diggle’s case. After agreeing to helping out Diggle, Chase discusses the true facts about Billy’s death. He explained that he thinks the Green Arrow was manipulated into killing Billy, thinking he was Prometheus. Once Chase left, Oliver received a call from Black Siren, asking if they could meet at the Black Canary statue.

Oliver agrees and meets her there, while the rest of the team hides on the pier. Felicity tells the rest of the team to take down Black Siren if she attempts to betray Oliver. Black Siren tells Oliver that she has a way for him to track down Prometheus, and she reaches inside her jacket. Felicity orders the team to attack, causing an all out fight in which Black Siren nearly dismantles the team and destroys the Black Canary statue. Oliver shoots her with a tranq dart, and the team took her back to the Arrow Cave.

Image: The CW

Back at the Arrow Cave, Felicity confesses to Oliver that she ordered the hit. Felicity is convinced that Black Siren is toying with Oliver, but Oliver says they need her cooperation so that they can track down Prometheus; for Billy. Oliver heads down to the cage in which Black Siren is being kept; and she confesses the truth about how she became the Black Siren. Oliver tells her to stop running; and that she is responsible for her own destiny. If she wants to be on the side of good, then all she has to do is make that decision… and that Team Arrow can protect her from Prometheus.

Chase met up with Diggle in the military prison in which he was being held. Chase encouraged Diggle to prepare for his upcoming trial (to which Diggle insisted there would not be a trial… General Walker wouldn’t allow it). MPs arrived and took Diggle away.

At the Arrow Cave, Felicity confronted Black Siren; stating that she isn’t like Oliver and she won’t be fooled. The only reason Oliver thinks he can save Black Siren is because it is his shot at redemption for Laurel’s death. Black Siren got snarky, stating that it is a shame that Oliver doesn’t listen to Felicity. Suddenly, the power goes out, which causes Black Siren to use her sonic scream and escape from her cage.

Ironically, the power outage was caused by Felicity. She released Black Siren by putting nanites in her water so that they could track Black Siren back to Prometheus. Oliver overhears the tape of Felicity talking to Black Siren, and he states that Felicity knows him better than anyone.

Image: The CW

Rene and Curtis have a conversation in which Rene tells Curtis to stop focusing on what he can’t do and to instead turn his attention onto what he can do.

Adrian Chase confronts General Walker about Diggle’s transfer, saying it is peculiar that a 4-star General is overseeing a prison transfer. General Walker says that Chase has 24 hours to deliver Diggle to him.

Felicity tracks Black Siren, but her thermal imaging is not strong enough to tell if Prometheus is actually with her. Oliver tells his team to suit up anyway, and he tells Curtis to bring the dampener he has been working on.

Team Arrow arrives at the warehouse, and Prometheus immediately knocks out Rory, while Black Siren takes fights Wild Dog. Oliver engaged Prometheus in a fight, and attempts to knock him out with a tranq arrow. Prometheus waves it off as it is nothing, revealing exactly how much immunity he really has. Prometheus states that Oliver has to make a choice, kill him… or stop Black Siren, who he has ordered to kill Felicity.

Prometheus throws Oliver through a wall, which leads him to the area in which Black Siren and Felicity are standing. Oliver attempted to talk Black Siren down, but she simply ignored him and continued her attempt to kill both Felicity and Oliver. Curtis suddenly wakes up in time to use his dampener and shut down Black Siren’s sonic scream. Felicity gathers her senses, and punches Black Siren out. (keeping her wrist straight!)

Chase convinced Diggle to punch him, in order to stop Diggle’s transfer. General Walker walked in, but Chase stated that a Star City statute that allows a city official to stop a prisoner transfer if that prisoner commits a secondary crime within Star City. Since Chase is the DA, he will prosecute Diggle for assault. General Walker, angered, threatens to come back with an order signed by the President himself.

Back at the Arrow Cave, Oliver promises they’ll  find and capture Prometheus and that he has ordered ARGUS to watch over Black Siren; keeping her close.

In the final moments, Oliver watched city workers picking up the remains of the Black Canary statue. Oliver tells Felicity he wants to find someone worthy to become the next Black Canary; as Laurel’s legacy is precious to him

The episode ends with a scene in Hub City where a woman uses a Sonic Scream to take out two men harassing a woman in a bar.

Flashback Oliver
Gregor confronts Oliver for going rogue and trying to kill Kovar without his permission; as he has the final say in what happens to Kovar. Gregor begins beating Oliver, causing Laurel’s picture to fall out of Oliver’s pocket. Gregor then asks Oliver if he’s trying to kill Kovar as a promise to a girl. Oliver states that the girl in the photo is someone from back home.
Gregor asks Oliver why he hasn’t contacted Laurel and instead chose to go to Russia to avenge another woman’s death. Oliver says it’s because he’s a monster and not the man who Oliver remembers. He then states that it’s better to be a monster than a sellout. Gregor had his men knock Oliver out for the comment.
Gregor tells Oliver, after a heavy beating, that circumstances can be poison or nectar. Gregor says that he can give Oliver a family in exchange for obedience. Suddenly, Gregor’s men come under fire and Gregor is shot in the arm with a black arrow. Oliver turns to see Talia Al Ghul, who states that she has been looking for Oliver.
Arrow will return next week Wednesday, February 1st at 8PM on The CW.

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