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‘Arrow’ Recap ‘Vigilante’

Published on November 17th, 2016 | Updated on November 18th, 2016 | By FanFest

There’s a new vigilante in town and he is sure hell-bent on sending a message very clear. “My way or the highway”.

The episode opened with a gang of criminals attempting to sell of a young woman. Their ‘trade’ is interrupted when they are gunned down by an unknown vigilante, who sets the girl free. Moments later, he takes the bodies of two of the gang members and hangs them outside of the police department, their bodies dangled in the shape of a ‘V’ with the letter ‘V’ drawn on their cheeks in blood. Geez, talk about sending a message! The

Elsewhere, Team Arrow conducts a training session in their Arrow Cave. Diggle was going particularly hard on Wild Dog with the training, not even bothering to give him any ‘slack’. Could this be because Diggle sees great potential in Wild Dog? Or is it because he’s still angered with Wild Dog for giving up Oliver’s identity to Tobias Church?

Felicity walks in and shows the team pictures of the crime scene feature the ‘handiwork’ of the Vigilante. Oliver made it very clear that there are enough serial killers and vigilantes running around Star City, so the vigilante must be stopped at all costs. Wild Dog and Felicity voice their opinions, saying that maybe having a new guy in town isn’t such a bad idea. Oliver mentions that murder isn’t always the direct answer to justice.

Image: The CW
Image: The CW

Later, Oliver met up with Susan to discuss the vigilante story with her. He asks her not to publish any news about it, otherwise it could cause the city panic… just like when she released the story about the ‘throwing star’ killer. Oliver then admits to her that he doesn’t know if he’s doing any good for the city, with everything that is going on. Susan then insisted that Oliver meet with her after work for drinks, as it would appear, he needs a friend.

While Oliver has his discussion with the diabolical reporter, Lance enters Thea’s officer and after admitting to her that he is still drinking, hands her his official letter of resignation. Also while Oliver handled business at City Hall, Team Arrow was called to action to stop a bank robbery. Sightings of the vigilante were coming across the police scanners, and Felicity decided to put her feelings on the vigilante aside and she sent Team Arrow after him. By the time Team Arrow arrived, the Vigilante had already completed his work and scared off the robbers (who call themselves The Spooky Gang… Cisco needs to come up with a new name for them)… except for one. The one who remained told Diggle that it was indeed the work of the Vigilante.

The team, now joined by Oliver, gathered in the Arrow Cave to discuss their game plan moving forward. Oliver suggested they start by tracking down the rest of the Bank Robbers, which would more than likely lead them to the Vigilante himself. Artemis voices her opinion, saying that they should let the Vigilante keep doing what he is doing. Oliver retorted by saying that she can’t be mad at him for having killed people in the past, like the Vigilante, but be okay with letting this new guy in town do whatever he wants.

Image: The CW
Image: The CW

Thea journeyed to Lance’s apartment and expresses her concern for him. Lance then told Thea about the throwing star he found on his desk, along with the blood on his arm. He also mentioned his frequent blackouts to Thea,

Curtis, Rene, and Diggle track down Vigilante’s arms and ammunition supplier, while Evelyn and Rory track down a guy who knows where the Spooky Gang is located. They’re able to get a location, a bank not too far from the police station. Team Arrow encounters the Spooky Gang, just as the Vigilante shows up. After a brief shootout, Oliver arrived and jumped into the fight against Vigilante. Vigilante says he’s either with him or against him. Oliver stated that he was against him, but the Vigilante distracts them with a trick explosive arrow and disappears.

Back at Lance’s apartment, Lance tells Thea that he is not Prometheus. (Thankfully) but that he elected to resign because he didn’t want Prometheus to have a way to get to Thea or Oliver.

At the police station, D.A Adrian Chase interrogated one of the Spooky Gangs Members and gets the name of a hotel where their leader (named Dunn) is more than likely hiding. After Chase finishes up his interrogation, Oliver tells Chase that he better get a warrant soon, because he doesn’t think Vigilante will wait to take out Dunn and the rest of the Spooky Gang. To which Chase eerily responds “No, he won’t” (Hmmm…not suspicious or anything).

Oliver arrives first and enters Dunn’s room, who appeared to have been drinking. As Oliver makes way to bring him in, the Vigilante arrives and shoots up the hotel room. Back at the Arrow Cave, Oliver asked his team to find a way to track down the vigilante, while he takes care of some ‘mayoral stuff’ with Susan Williams.

Thea dropped Lance off at a rehab facility and says that he still needs to grieve over Laurel, and that she would be concerned for him… not ashamed of him. Lance agrees and before he enters the rehab facility, Thea promises that the Deputy Mayor position will still be available for him when he gets out.

Oliver went out on his ‘date’ with Susan. Susan asks Oliver if what he is doing for the city is working. Susan mentions to Oliver that he’s all that the city has, so keep doing things the way he is going; the right way.

Image: The CW
Image: The CW

Back at the Arrow Cave,  Diggle presents the idea that the best way to catch the vigilante is to stage a bank robbery.

As expected, the Vigilante shows up at the staged bank robbery and takes Curtis hostage. Before he can hurt Curtis any further, Oliver arrives. Vigilante says that Olivers ‘way’ and his ‘methods’ aren’t working and says that he needs a push to adopt more extreme measures. Oliver shoots the gun out of Vigilante’s hands, and they engaged in a fist fight. Eventually Oliver got the upper hand and shot Vigilante with a trick arrow, which wrapped him to a pillar.  As Oliver attempts to unmask Vigilante, it emitted a spark, throwing Oliver back and allowing Vigilante to escape.

The next morning, Thea comes to Oliver’s office and shows him the throwing star and tells her everything that Lance had told her. Oliver and Thea both come to the realization that if Prometheus is messing with Lance, than that means that Prometheus knows that Oliver is the Green Arrow.

In lighter events, Wild Dog attempted to cheer Diggle up by bringing Lyla and John Jr. to Diggles secret hideout so they can actually celebrate John Jr.’s birthday; since Diggle’s house is under constant surveillance by US Marshall’s. Susan arrived at Oliver’s office and she asks him to have a second drink with her.

As the episode concluded… we saw Artemis on-top of a roof. Prometheus suddenly appears behind her. Instead of firing an arrow at him, she smirked and stated that no one followed her and that no one suspects anything…. WHAT!? She’s working with Prometheus??


Flashback Oliver

Oliver is brought in before Kovar, who states that he wants to know how Oliver went from a rich and famous American boy to a member of the Bratva. A maid walks in the room, and we learn that it is actually Tianna’s mother. Kovar reveals that she’s in his employ. Kovar then attempts to convince Oliver that the Bratva are corrupt, but Oliver stabs Kovar in the hand with a knife and then tells Kovar to let him out. As Oliver attempts to escape, Kovar kicks his butt… severely. The Bratva then show up, and Oliver learns that they really did cut a deal with Kovar.

A Few Thoughts

Is Artemis actually working with Prometheus?! Talk about a HUGE shocker there!! I’m actually mildly disappointed, because I was really starting to like her. Maybe she is doing a double-double agent sort of a role? Also, STILL don’t trust Adrian Chase… at all.

Arrow will return Wednesday, November 23rd at 8PM/EST on the CW

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